Service Description

One of Ingenious e-Brain Solutions core service is Claim Chart Preparation which involves comprehensive mapping of claims with the identified literature (patent or product or services or any other literature) in question. It is the one of the most convenient and effective means for analyzing the extent of overlap between one or more claims of a patent and a product or technology.

Claim charts typically help attorneys and in-house counsels in determining scope of and/or in taking licensing-related decisions. Further, it also assists in infringement  or invalidation analysis strengthening overall litigation efforts. Our experienced experts perform detailed analysis of the claims and the material in question, and provide easy understand reports with textual and graphical comparison depicting the extent of overlap between both of them.

Steps involved in Claim charting are as below:

  1. First of all claim (against which mapping is be done) is broken into parts by its specific features, so that it easy to map each and every feature of claim
  2. Each broken claim elements are given different color code, So that it is easy to correlate relevant text mapped with claim element
  3. Relevant text is mapped with each broken claim elements. Relevant text is marked with the claim element specific color for easy understanding and analysis
  4. Mapping of claims with the hidden concepts or the implementation of search target (implicit disclosure) as well as mapping with the exact claims with the exact search target (explicit disclosure)
  5. Meaningful documentation of results showing extent of overlap between the claim and search target

We also combine the Claim Charting with other analysis like Invalidity Searches, FTOs, Infringement Analysis and Licensing Support Services using both implicit and explicit disclosure