The purpose of the study is conduct a competitive intelligence study for understanding the active players and their market presence in the field of natural food ingredients


Jurisdiction: Europe

Timeline: 2005-2015

Competitive Intelligence-Natural Food Ingredients

Key Deliverables


Study Overview

  • The study was done to identify natural food ingredients and their applications in the industry.
  • Searches were conducted to collect information regarding novel techniques for extraction of ingredients, their preservation techniques, and novel packaging solutions, new sources for ingredients, novel application of existing ingredients.
  • The major players active in manufacturing and supplying these ingredients were studied to find out their markets and strategies and about the merger and acquisitions for their growth
  • The competitive intelligence report helped the client to understand the consumer needs and the trend for the ingredient application, and the research possibilities for new applications
  • It also helped the client to identify the unexplored market areas and the new players emerging in the field and the possibilities of acquisition and merger.

Major Players


Top Ingredients in Demand