Service Description

A Patentability search is performed to determine the novelty and non-obviousness of an invention. Novelty is one of the most important criteria that decide whether an invention can be considered to be patentable.  Keeping this in mind, we conduct an extensive search of the entire patent and non-patent literature to unearth any technologies or work that falls in the same purview as that of said invention or brief disclosure given by the client.This kind of search is usually effective when an invention is still in its developing stage so as to assist you in determining a strategy for a patent application in the future.Besides providing insights into already existing technologies, a novelty/patentability search also helps you to assess position in the market.

State of Art Search

State of art search provides a general view of all the existing art in a particular field of invention.  It is essentially an extension to patentability search which is directed to provide comprehensive information related to a particular technology. The searches are done not only in published patents but also any other specific publications in the field of art. The state of art searches helps you to determine your future course of research based on the complete information in that field.

For companies that are contemplating entry into a new technology field, the results of this kind of search will prove to be useful, as it will give an update on the progress in the field along with the market trends. For the same reason, the state-of-art search results are also indispensable for companies already established in the field.

Hence state-of-art search provides information on existing art that is useful in more than one ways such as for deciding the market trends, planning business strategies, research path, identifying key competitors and so on.