Purpose of the Study:

was conducted help the client understand the types of leavened that have been patented for use in Pizza, with the main focus on biological leaveners.

Top Leaveners


Study Approach

  • Keyword based was conducted identify relevant documents that were analysed further in detail and categorized under specific taxonomy heads.
  • Flour composition, leavening agent used, proofing, freezing, baking, rise in volume, specific parameters for proofing and the final product prepared, all steps were noted down.
  • The study identified which leavening agents are reducing the production steps or causing higher volume rise and the effects of biological leavening agents are marked.
  • Results and Insights were presented showing trends for top assignees and their specific choice of leaveners and the effects of leaveners on the pizza.
  • The study helped the client to understand the current trend and to identify the leavenersor the combination of leaveners that results in the required volume of the crust.
  • The results helped the client to identify the grown interest of assignees in enzymes and plant based sources as leaveners.

Top Assignees