Service Description

With the support of our global technology partners, we assist our clients in Technology Transfer, Technology Evaluation and & Development. Our technology transfer and  facilitates all SMEs to upgrade their technologies with possibilities of R&D collaborations, training’s, and joint ventures globally. We help industries to be competitive with innovative product and sustained growth opportunities.

Technology Transfer and 

We support individual experts and technology organizations taking their innovations to a global platform for technology transfer and . This is achieved by posting of technologies and sharing of technologies with international technology organizations, industry innovation clusters and our global technology transfer partners. Our technology services are technology development, new applications, adaptation of technology to other market, joint venture, etc.

 Applied & Development

We provide tailor made technology solutions to manufacturing industries globally. The experts and technology organizations associated with us are supporting each industry’s technology requirement to a fruitful solution or other alternate market. Our innovative value-added technology solutions are for process, product, industrial design & engineering and industrial waste management.

Technology Evaluations & Feasibility Studies

  • Our dedicated global technology experts in different field of technology support international preliminary examination of technologies derived from technology organizations and R&D of manufacturers. We help our clients in taking decision for further development, filing for and investment in R&D projects.
  • Ingenious e-Brain Solutions with its global network experts evaluates many innovative technologies in laboratory prototype from global technology organizations and R&D of technology driven manufacturers. We help them in market based revenue projection, negotiation and other techno-commercials aspects of technology.
  • We conduct and feasibility studies on many projects and technologies from industry market leaders and government institutions.  This enables our clients in successful implementation of projects and safe investment in their R&D. Our global consultants are with capacity to conduct investigative reports and feasibility studies on technical, economic, legal, operational, and scheduling aspects of projects with its environmental impact.