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Varian Signs Agreement to Acquire Sirtex for $1.28bn

Varian Medical Systems has signed an agreement to all the outstanding shares of Sirtex Medical Limited, an Australia-based global life sciences company focused on interventional oncology therapies. This of a global leader in radioembolization extends Varian’s leadership in radiation medicine, expands Varian’s addressable market into interventional oncology, and is consistent with Varian’s long-term growth and value creation strategy.

Secrets of longevity protein revealed in new study

In a recent Yale-led study, researchers revealed the three-dimensional structure of a Klotho protein, beta-Klotho, illuminating its intricate mechanism and therapeutic potential. Klotho proteins have been known to play an important role in the regulation of longevity and metabolism.

Philips debuts fully integrated suite of enhanced patient monitoring solutions in U.S. market

Philips has launched its next-generation Patient Monitoring solution in the U.S. The enterprise-wide system consists of bedside, transport, mobile and central station monitoring technology designed to help clinicians improve patient care, drive clinical performance and assist health systems in lowering costs. The latest offering features the IntelliVue X3, a transport monitor with intuitive smart-phone-style operation released in 2017.

Pfizer, Foundation Medicine Developing Companion Diagnostics for Cancer Drugs

Foundation Medicine has partnered with Pfizer to develop companion diagnostics for Pfizer’s oncology therapies. Pfizer will also gain access to Foundation Medicine’s data analytics platform, FoundationInsights, to help with biomarker discovery and optimize clinical trial designs.

A major step forward in organic electronics

Researchers at the Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Linköping University, have developed the world’s first complementary electrochemical logic circuits that can function stably for long periods in water. This is a highly significant breakthrough in the development of bioelectronics.

IBM Breaks Records to Top U.S. Patent List for 25th Consecutive Year

2017 marked the 25th consecutive year for IBM’s US Patent leadership. IBM received a total of 9,043 patents in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Quantum Computing.

Roche, GE to develop digital diagnostics platform

Roche and GE Healthcare have agreed to jointly develop and market a digital clinical-decision support platform. The initial focus of the system will be to improve individualized treatment options for cancer and critical-care.

Guerbet to pay $23.7m for Accurate Medical Therapeutics

Guerbet, a global specialist in contrast agents and solutions for medical imaging, has entered into an agreement under which it will acquire Israeli company Accurate Medical Therapeutics, which specializes in the development of microcatheters used in interventional radiology.

Ultrasound tracks Therapeutic Microbes deep inside the Body

A team at Caltech have devised a means to track live therapeutic microbes in the body via ultrasound. The team has created an ‘acoustic reporter gene’, which when incorporated in engineered cells, can be used to understand the therapeutic process within the body.

Nissan’s future cars could read your mind

Nissan is researching what it calls “brain-to-vehicle” (B2V) technology that can read the driver’s brainwaves and predict what they are going to do next. After the driver puts on a skullcap device that measures brain activity, an AI system then predicts if they are going to turn or brake, and initiate the action 0.2 to 0.5 seconds before the driver reacts.

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