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Gelx, received regulatory approval in Europe for the treatment and prevention of oral mucositis

Gelx (Manufactured by Big Pharma), recently received European Regulatory Approval based on the clinical data with 99.3% of patients experienced the prevention or remission during cancer treatment. Now, it is the first medical product which can be used in the treatment and prevention of oral mucositis in both adults as well as children’s allowing them to continue with a nutritional program under cancer treatment

Aimovig: A new FDA-approved preventive treatment for migraine

Aimovig also known as erenumab is the first FDA approved a new class of drug which is used for preventive treatment of a migraine. The drug has passed three clinical trial phases and the efficacy of the drug is calculated during trials. Grant of the drug is approved by FDA to Amgen. Moreover, the most common side effect observed during clinical trials are injection site reaction and constipation.

Chinese medical devices maker forays into Indian market

China based company Lepu Medical Technology infiltrate into Indian medical device market as a subsidiary named as Lepucare (India) Vascular Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Company has products for diagnosing vascular condition in cardiac, neuro and peripheral region of the body.

Another law suit for Russian drug maker Nativa

AstraZeneca filed its second law suit against Nativa as it is marketing a copy version of AstraZeneca’s Iressa (lung cancer drug), whose patent is still in force. This legal battle is started since mid of last year.

Mini tractor beams help arrange artificial cells into tissue structures

Artificial cells can be controlled by its function and hence it can be considered as one of the supreme models for biological research and its application as a substitute for natural cells or tissue or organ. Researchers of Imperial College London and Loughborough University have used Lasers to arrange the cells and have got success to form a basic tissue structure which is a prompting step towards the development of a new generation biomaterial.

New tool analyzes disease and drug effects with unprecedented accuracy and consistency

Protein analysis is a prime concept for the pharmaceutical development as well as to examine the diseased and healthy state. Scientists of ‘University at Buffalo’ have developed a new protein analysis tool, IonStar, and they claimed, it gives the quick and increased accuracy of proteomics data even with the low amount of protein sample.

Coolpad sues Xiaomi for using its patented technology without any license

Coolpad is taking Xiaomi to court over an allegation that Xiaomi had used the three patents without any license from Coolpad. Xiaomi has asked the re-examination board, under China’s State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), to negate the rights that Coolpad had claimed. Devices being called into the dock are the Mi Mix, Redmi Note 4X, Mi 6, Mi Max 2, Mi Note 3, Redmi Note 5, Redmi 5 Plus, and Mi 5X.

#GOOGLE DUPLEX- A mind boggling technology that may raise some ethical issues

Google recently unveiled its duplex AI system at Google I/O demo. The technology took the world by surprise with AI masquerading as human voice over a phone call and fixing up appointments for a user. Although quite magnificent, it did invite some ethical issues for instance; People should be aware who they are talking to over the phone, whether it’s a robot or an actual human being?? Few people have also tweeted that how its morally incorrect in deceiving human beings with such service.

Mouth Sensor that Measures Salt Concentration in the Eatables we Consume

Georgia Institute of Technology has crafted a sensor that can be mounted in the dental retainer for real-time sodium observation. Instant sodium intake data could be sent to the user’s smartphone

Autonomous Car that can Navigate Unmapped Roads Crafted

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) has crafted a system which enables autonomous cars to operate on unfamiliar roads, the system is called MapLite, which collates GPS data with an array of sensors that monitor the road conditions.

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