Service Description

In any business competitor analysis is a most crucial element of any company’s marketing and R&D strategy to stay ahead in competition. The field of competitor analysis in marketing and strategic management is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats. Competitor analysis has two primary activities, 1) obtaining information about important competitors, and 2) using that information to predict competitor behavior.

Competitor analysis using patent data is an effective way to benchmark their IP position against the rival competitors. It also helps to understand the emerging R&D technologies and the dynamics of market landscape. Additionally, litigation risk and opportunities are also monitored to minimize competitive threats.

Competitor analysis study involves in-depth study of the key competitors, their active technological areas, patent portfolios, patenting trends, recent patents and patent applications, non-patent publications, product portfolio, niche technologies, licensing opportunities, focus of R&D, prolific inventors, marketing strategy and protection from infringement and litigation liabilities, SWOT Analysis, etc.

By integrating technology and litigation we enhance your understanding for your competitors and help you tracking patents for potential infringement. Further, it also adds value to insights drawn on the marketing strategies, field of research and technological development of competitor companies.

Why Us?

Expert Search Teams:

Ingenious e-brain solutions has a professional team of technologists, IP experts, engineers and scientists across all technology sectors. Based on the client’s requirement, our team assesses the apt strategy for providing the most comprehensive report. Upon request our professional team performs extensive analysis of existing patent portfolio, focus of R&D, IP interest based on recent patent acquisition, patent assignment and company’s financials.

Detailed Search Report:

Customized report with embedded IT based tools in a clear and concise way

A snapshot of current competitive landscape which mainly comprises assessing various technologies for a specific subject domain and their key players

Systematic and advanced competitor profiling on each of your major competitors

Upon request, analysis of competitors portfolio is also prepared if it is of high relevance

Review of new patent documents as they are granted, dissect them for relevancy, and inform you immediately of new developments.

Compelling visuals that is graphically represented using a combination of intuitive graphs, pie-charts, bubble charts and 2-D and 3-D charts