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Apple is developing an EKG Heart Monitor for its Smartwatch

Apple is developing an advanced heart-monitoring feature for future versions of its smartwatch. The advanced sensors will be able to conduct an EKG as a means to better monitor an individual’s heart health.

December 21st, 2017|News|0 Comments

Lincoln Pharma gets patent for anti-malarial drug

The Indian Patent Office has granted an anti-malarial drug patent to Lincoln Pharma. The patent focuses on the use of an anteether injection for treatment of malaria.

December 19th, 2017|News|0 Comments

Plant-Based burger maker Beyond Meat raises $55 million

In a fresh round of funding, Tyson Foods backed Beyond Meat has raised $55 million to triple its production capacity. California based Beyond Meat uses plant protein to make meat like burgers.

December 7th, 2017|News|0 Comments

China Tops Patent, Trademark, Design Filings in 2016

Of the total 3.1 million patent applications filed worldwide, China’s SIPO received 1.3 million. A similar trend was seen in Trademark applications, with SIPO receiving 3.7 million of the total 7 million Trademarks filed worldwide. China also topped Industrial Design filings, with approx. 650k filings of the total 963k filed worldwide.

December 6th, 2017|News|0 Comments

Bank of America wins Patent for Crypto Exchange System

The USPTO has granted a BoFA patent outlining a potential cryptocurrency exchange system to convert one digital currency to another. Although banks are still skeptical about digital currencies, the patents being filed in the domain indicate that banks are leaving no stone unturned to prepare for this uncertain future.

December 5th, 2017|News|0 Comments

LivaNova to acquire ImThera Medical

LivaNova has agreed to acquire the remaining outstanding interests in ImThera Medical, Inc. for approx. $225 million. With this, LivaNova will enter the obstructive sleep apnea space, enhancing its portfolio of Neuromodulation treatments and therapies.

December 5th, 2017|News|0 Comments

Researchers 3D print lifelike artificial organ models

Using customized silicone-based inks, University of Minnesota researchers have 3-D printed a lifelike artificial model of a patients’ prostrate. Attached with soft, 3-D printed sensors, the reaction of the model prostate was measured during compression tests and the application of various surgical tools.

December 5th, 2017|News|0 Comments

UK researchers create ultrasound needle for real-time imaging

UK researchers have created a new optical ultrasound needle to enable real-time imaging during keyhole procedures. The new technology addresses the lack of internal ultrasound imaging feature with existing external ultrasound probes and pre-operative scans.

December 5th, 2017|News|0 Comments

Biocartis and Amgen sign Companion Diagnostic Agreement for Idylla™ RAS Biomarker Tests

The agreement is aimed to get the Idylla™ RAS biomarker tests registered with the US FDA as a companion diagnostic test for Amgen’s drug Vectibix® (panitumumab). This will help deliver faster biomarker results to realize more informed treatment decisions for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer.

December 4th, 2017|News|0 Comments

IBM’s Artificial Intelligence software predicts outcomes of Chemical Reactions

IBM researchers have taught an AI program normally used to translate languages and taught it the language of organic chemistry. By treating atoms as alphabets and molecules as words, the AI can predict the outcomes of possible organic chemical reactions.

December 4th, 2017|News|0 Comments