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Rapid Innovation Owing to Improved R&D Efforts is the Key to Capturing the Biotechnology Market

Biotechnology can be best defined as a sector as an evolving sector with constant changes in dynamics. This sector is characterized by growing R&D efforts, increasing competition, rising pressure on profit margins, increased requirements for value-based products and services, and a growing frequency of technology and product launches. These trends have led to a transformation driven by technological advancements leading to opportunities and challenges at all levels of the industry. At Ingenious e-Brain, our team offers experts’ opinions and proficiency to move into new zones of the business and enable our clients to take leverage of our in-depth experience to plan and implement multiple approaches towards identifying unmet needs, revealing opportunities in rare diseases, and overcoming regulatory challenges, along with commercial assessment to benchmark their technology and innovation needs.

Subject Matter Expertise

Significant Breadth and Depth Experience Across the Biotechnology Domain

  • Synthetic blood cells
  • Bioreactors
  • Breeding Technology
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Protein Engineering
  • Stem cells
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology
  • Cell & Molecular Biology
  • Post Harvest Processing
  • Biochemistry
  • Living Organisms
  • Immunology

Case Studies

Past Projects

Technology Intelligence

  • Advent of immunosensors in the HBV and HCV diagnostic tests
  • Technology Intelligence on Solid Sequencing
  • Competitive Intelligence on Central nervous system disorders associated Biomarkers
  • Whitespace Analysis- Gene Editing Technologies for Cancer Treatment
  • Competitive Intelligence-New technologies for gene suppression
  • Technology – Locked nucleic acid technology
Technology Intelligence Solution - Ingenious e-Brain

IP Intelligence

  • Landscape on Immuno sensors
  • FTO on Multiplex PCR
  • Patentability on Use of an oddball enzyme build new biomaterials out of DNA
  • FTO on MUC16 protein sequences/ epitope mapping
  • Whitespace Analysis-Genetic Pharming
  • FTO to on SNP detection
IP Intelligence Solution - Ingenious e-Brain

Business Intelligence

  • Market Assessment Multiplex Detection Immunoassay
  • Licensing opportunities for Emulsion PCR
  • Potential licensing opportunities for production of biomarkers related to Cancer
  • Existing market in products obtained from Transgenic animals
  • Market Assessment Existing market in products obtained from Transgenic animals
Business Intelligence Solution - Ingenious e-Brain

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