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The concepts of CO2 capture, utilization, and sequestration are commonly used in the context of carbon management and climate change. Carbon capture storage and utilization (CCSU) refers to technologies that focus on the selective removal of CO2 from gas streams, its compression into a supercritical condition, and finally its transportation and sequestration in geologic formations, including depleted oil and gas reservoirs or oceans.

Carbon Capture Storage and Utilization

Significance of CCSU Analysis

  • To know about technologies available to capture/separate the carbon dioxide for utilization
  • To know about different categories of the carbon capture/separation, utilization, storage technologies
  • To know about advancement in the these technology categories
  • To know about cost per ton CO2 associated with different technologies

Current Scenario

There are several reinforcing elements of the policy-making process that are critical to accelerate the deployment of CCS. These include:

  • Setting of credible and economy-wide emissions reduction targets, consistent with the aims of the Paris Agreement.
  • Designing policy to achieve medium-term emissions reductions in a range of sectors and in line with these longer-term targets, combined with measures that meaningfully deal with or compensate those who lose from transitioning to a low-carbon future.
  • Explicitly including CCS in national climate action plans or similar flagship policy statements, which either implicitly or explicitly acknowledge how CCS can play a role alongside other low-carbon technologies.
  • Securing policy certainty via a government commitment that has been demonstrated to extend beyond political cycles and to be resilient to conflicting political demands.
  • Establishing (region-relevant) public/private business models that better manage risk allocation between the capture, transport and storage elements of the CCS chain, thus reducing overall risks.
  • Devoting special attention to accelerating investment in storage exploration and characterization, in view of the long lead times for development in certain regions.

Approach for CCSU Analysis

Ingenious for CCSU

Leveraging the CCSU Analysis Through Right Means

CCSU Analysis

Different Stages of Value Chain of CCSU

Economic Characteristics of CCSU
Technical Characteristics of CCSU

Unlock Analytics on CCSU Value Chain Model


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