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The Client

R&D head from Norway based oil & gas company.


Company was searching for long term solution for the corrosion problem in oil supply pipeline due to CO2. More specifically, client was interested in knowing innovative coating solutions that can tackle the issue of CO2 corrosion in oil & gas pipelines. Further, client was interested in understanding latest IPs pertaining to both synthetic and natural substance-based coating solutions to tackle the challenge of CO2 corrosion in oil & gas pipelines. Other key challenge was to find one or two very relevant IPs that could be practised without any infringement issues as company had certain budget issue related to investment in new research & IP development.

Our Solution

IEBS chemical IP team proposed to conduct FTO-cum-landscape study in this domain. The core reason for this study was to find relevant IPs that could be practised without any infringement issues. IP team focused searches on active PCT application, EP, NO, GCC and rest of the world. A total of focused 165 patent results were reported at the first stage and checked for their legal validity in EP and Norway. Patents results were segregated into two categories –

  1. Synthetic chemical-based coating solutions
  2. Naturally derived chemical-based coating solutions

Our Impact

One active Chinese patent (quinazolin-2-thione-5-one derivative based coating) under category 1 and one about to expire US patent under category 2 were finally shortlisted for the intended purpose by the client. They have just started pilot study based on coating solution claimed by Chinese patent. Further, owing to the low investment in naturally derived coating solution claimed by US patent, company is currently working on this natural coating solutions for further improvement.

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