Case Studies

Technology Intelligence

Landscape Analysis of Denatured Whey Protein

IP Intelligence

Honeycomb Catalyst Exhaust Gas Purification

Business Intelligence

Market Study on Dyestuff Market

Past Projects

Technology Intelligence

  • Technology for Solar Panels for residential purposes in US
  • Study on White Space Analysis for Thermoplastic Elastomeric Applications
  • Technology Landscape on Photovoltaic Paints
  • Technology Monitoring study on fuel cells
  • Technology on active wind energy players in Europe & Asia
  • Technology Landscape study Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRPs)

IP Intelligence

  • Patentability for a unique Surface Coating Composition
  • FTO Study on Wooden Laminates
  • Patent Landscape Study- Recyclable Thermosets
  • Novelty Study on Polyurethane Foams
  • Invalidity Study on CO2 Corrosion inhibitors
  • Prior for Membrane Processing technique

Business Intelligence

  • Partner Identification for New Market Entry
  • Identifying R&D and innovation trends in multilayer packaging films
  • Conducting Potential application studies for Green Composites
  • Player Eco-System Analysis for Tyre manufacturing
  • Competitor Portfolio Analysis Study – Silicones
  • Competitor Benchmarking Study – PVB Laminates

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Technology Intelligence
IP Intelligence
Business Intelligence