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Project Communication Approach

Client engagement model infographic - Ingenious s-Brain

Client Engagement Models

On Demand Model

In this model, project scope, project methodology, project cost and delivery time lines are decided after checking the project request. A detailed project plan is sent to the client, and the project is executed after receiving go ahead form the client. This model is suitable for clients who avail our patent services at discrete intervals. In this model, for each project, the scope and methodology are defined and a detailed project plan is sent to the client, and subsequently the project is executed.

On demand model - Ingenious e-Brain
Retained team model - Ingenious e-Brain

Retained Team Model

In this model, we retain a small team of resources that are dedicated to work for the client as per their requirements and preferences on a quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. A team representative can optionally visit client’s premises occasionally for process standardisation and efficiency improvement.

Retained Hours Model

In this model, Ingenious e-Brain Solutions retains predefined number of hours for the client on a quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis. A discounted hourly charge rate is offered based on the number of hours.

Retained hours model - Ingenious e-Brain
Offshore development center - Ingenious e-Brain

Offshore Development Center

This is the highest involvement model that has compensating cost savings going with it. In this model, Ingenious e-Brain Solution sets up a dedicated development centre for the client with an infrastructure and IP professionals. This model yields highest efficiency due to high level of standardisation of processes and trainings.

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