Opportunity Assessment of Innovative Botanical Flavors in Beverages
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Botanicals are used to impart pleasant flavor to products where consumers seek more authentic and unconventional taste experiences. Nevertheless, there are issues associated with botanical flavors in terms of stability, color, and flavor that require immediate attention.

Business objective

The Client wanted to understand in detail about the opportunity areas in the domain of innovative botanical flavor in beverages:

The main objective of the engagement was to understand the use of botanical flavors in beverages:

  • Extracting the flavor/essence from botanicals and delivering to beverages
  • Actual botanicals added in the beverages directly (infused flavor)


The implementation approach began with the analysis of various botanical ingredients from R&D and commercialized sector. This helped us understand the context and prioritize the main gaps, and challenges followed by identification of key botanicals for marketing and potential partner for collaboration.

Client’s success details

This engagement helped the Client to understand the business impact of botanical ingredients. The following benefits and outcomes were delivered to the Client:

  • Helped the Client by providing various botanical ingredients for different beverage segments like energy drink, sport drink, protein drink, sparkling water, bottled water, iced tea etc.
  • Helped the Client in understanding the various challenges related to stability, color, flavor, consumer acceptance, etc. and how these can be addressed by existing and upcoming solutions.
  • Recommendations helped in identifying current scenario, strategic focus and action plan, and competitive scenario in botanical sector. Various key players are working on producing beverages with no added sugar, preservatives, stabilizers or colors with additional features such as sustainable, clean label, 100% natural etc.
  • Recommendations helped in identifying beverage segment where benchmarked key botanical ingredients can be utilized followed by potential partners with right-fit technology who can enable the integration of optimum solution.

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