At Ingenious e-Brain Solutions, we provide copyright protection for your original work from future infringement and misuse. We also support our clients by providing expert advice on how copyright protection can be sought in different kinds of work.

Copyrightable Works

Typically, a copyrightable work should fit into one of these eight categories:

1. Literary – Any song lyrics, manuscript, manual, computer programme, database, designs for a computer programme, commercial document, brochure, leaflet, newsletter, article, synopsis, guide, manual, advertisement, etc.

2. Dramatic – A play, dance choreography, etc.

3. Musical – A musical score/notation, recording/other representation of a musical work, etc.

4. Artistic – A web site, technical drawings/diagram, map, chart /plan, engraving, etching, lithograph, woodcut /sculpture, photograph, painting, logo, collage, painting/drawing, etc.

5. Typographical arrangement of published edition – A magazine, periodical, etc.

6. Sound recording – A recording of literary, dramatic or musical work.

7. Film – A broadcast, film or video recording, etc.