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Technology Scouting-Coronavirus

In our world where a nuclear war was a known threat to mankind, we had no idea that a microorganism like novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) will hit us hard affecting millions of people around the world and forcing them to self-isolate/quarantine and eventually make the world economy bleed.

Now, it is imperative for scientific communities to come together and make the best of their knowledge along with their skill set to address the crisis we are facing.

About the Research Collaboration Activities

We are open to provide our assistance to collaborate with researchers around the globe, upon any kind of customized request.

IEBS experts are now on their toes more than ever to aid various R&D firms/organizations in gauging the potential of existing knowledge to identify the gaps and scout invaluable insights in the domain.

Such solutions can eventually act as a trigger point to provide the right direction to healthcare and research organizations in the field of drug discovery, detection/diagnosis pertaining to COVID-19 disease and other similar areas.

Why Ingenious e-Brain Solutions?

One of our core strengths is to scope novel R&D activities having the potential to change the dynamics of the technology and its commercial prospect. We believe in exploiting our team’s rich knowledge in identifying such aspects across various fields and deliver insights with excellence.  Furthermore, we strongly believe that monitoring technological changes is the key to apprising our clients regarding probable shifts, and or any game-changing disruption likely to arise in their domain. Our ability to keep the track of past, current and future trends of technologies and scoping any intermittent changes happening, fits our purpose to assist our clients in keeping them at the edge.

IEBS research team can provide the right direction to healthcare and research organizations to gain insights on drug discovery/repurposing/detection/vaccine development pertaining to coronavirus, based on IP/Scientific literature focused on In-silico/AI/Machine-learning/In-vivo/In-vitro.

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