Ingenious e-Brain Solutions (IEBS) attending CPHI Frankfurt 2022 Event
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We are delighted to be associated with CPHI 2022, the world’s largest pharmaceutical event scheduled to be held on 1st to 3rd November, 2022, in Frankfurt, Germany; where professionals from the entire value chain will unite to gain new insights and reinforce their networks.


The pharmaceutical industry in recent years has transformed radically owing to advancements in different domains such as digital science technologies, precision medicine, targeted delivery, multi-omics, microfluidics, and others. Ingenious e-Brain anticipates continuous improvements in the sector, through which targeted therapies will be delivered more efficiently and safely to patients across the globe. According to our analysis, the precision medicine market is projected to grow with 13.2% CAGR, and the major growth will be driven by multi-omics and digital technologies. We are excited to connect with you and aspire to share our industry-level perspective to assist you in planning your R&D and business roadmap for achieving your business goals.


We will be represented by our experts

Deepti Tayal, PhD

Hitesh Gupta

About Us

Ingenious e-Brain is a boutique research organization helping our global clients meet their business goals and uncover solutions for their R&D challenges. We enable this by offering world-class research using our network of experts across the industry, from technology advancements to corporate engagements. Ingenious e-Brain values and walks with clients’ goals, assisting them in developing novel therapeutics, adopting automated or digital processes, mitigating adverse effects of their therapies, being ahead of their competition, meeting business goals, addressing R&D challenges, and preparing their short-term and long-term roadmap.


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