Rising Uncertainties Along with the Shifting Consumer Preferences has Got the Companies on Toes

The changes consumer preferences have made innovation a critical parameter for success in food and beverage industry. The F&B companies often face cost and profitability challenges pertaining to numerous factors including raw material price volatility, higher safety standards, supply disruptions, changing consumer preferences, and regulatory norms.

These challenges induce the need to continuously conduct research and monitor the markets for capitalizing on opportunities. Our experts at Ingenious eBrain, employ their extensive experience to help our clients in solving complex business challenges, identifying opportunities and flourishing from transformation through innovation.

Subject Matter Expertise

Significant Breadth and Depth Experience Across the Food & Beverages Domain

  • Packaging Solutions
  • Food Labeling
  • Food Storage
  • Microbial Bio-fortification
  • Home Fortification
  • Refrigeration
  • Irradiation
  • Additives
  • Nanosized Additives
  • Labeling
  • Chemical Preservation
  • Nanosensors for Labeling

Case Studies

Past Projects

Technology Intelligence

  • Technology Landscape for Fermentation Technologies
  • Technology for additives in meat products and their benefits
  • Whitespace analysis for application of Spray freeze drying technique
  • Technology Innovation for extracting bioactives from food wastes
  • Technology for sodium reduction in meat
  • Technology Landscape for Non alcoholic beverages

IP Intelligence

  • Patent Landscape for fermented non alcoholic beverages
  • Patentability for Freeze dried ice-cream
  • Freedom for non-dairy probiotic Beverages
  • Patent landscape for preservation techniques of cultures in fermentation
  • Invalidity for Emulsifiers for Clear beverages
  • FTO study for oil extraction using ultrasound technique

Business Intelligence

  • Competitive Intelligence for Natural food ingredients
  • Competitor Watch for Prenatal and Post natal Health Products
  • Market Research for flavors available in tea
  • Market Research on Toothbrush innovations
  • Market Research for understanding delivery modes and forms of nutraceuticals

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“I was impressed with the technical understanding of the project scope and the way the project was executed with in-depth analysis over the research scope. The team regular interaction helps in find the right research edge over the technology mapping “
Director, Nestle

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Technology Intelligence
IP Intelligence
Business Intelligence