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Non-Palm Oil- A Major Environmental Issue

Palm oil production and usage not only figuratively but even literally is a destructive action that has been devouring biodiversity and ecosystem of our planet. According to stats, nearly million tons of palm oil produced contributes to more than 30% of world’s vegetable oil production along with environmental concerns viz. deforestation, habitat encroaching, climate change etc.[1]

IEBS insights provide comprehensive analysis of key technologies, research trends, Industry innovations globally; pertaining to Non-Palm oil sources that are likely to transform the margarine and/or shortening as non-diary product for human consumption.

Key Insights:

  • Player like, NISSHIN OILLIO reflect their focus on powdered form of fat/oil composition containing 65-99 mass% of XXX-type triglyceride and 35-1 mass% of X2Y-type triglyceride for use in margarine as well as shortening
  • Key fat/oil exploited were Shea as well as Illipe based non-palm oil/fat
  • Recent publication by ADEKA, mentioned plastic oil-and-fat composition having better creaming property to produce a food product having a good eat texture
  • Shea based oil was exploited for application in Margarine as well as shortening

FUJI OIL, in their latest publication focused on manufacture of fried confectionery-like food products having a good texture and a stable shape. Shea and Sal based oil/fat were exploited with end application in Margarine

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