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Industry value chain analysis involves examining the various stages of an ecosystem from research & development phase till it reaches the recycling phase. In the value chain analysis, each step of a product’s value creation is evaluated.

Significance of Industry Value Chain Analysis

To leverage opportunities to gain profit margin by identifying the different stages of value chain in an industry ecosystem:

  • Understanding the product’s potential in its R&D Phase.
  • Gathering Insights on raw material procurement which involves cost analysis under various purchase agreements.
  • Analyzing the production process, brand positioning, presence of backward integration, etc. of key players in the ecosystem.
  • Identifying of the most viable distribution channels in the industry ecosystem
  • Identifying the key end-user/application areas for business expansion.
  • Analyzing the role and key initiatives of companies towards adoption of recycling in their business.

Approach for Industry Value Chain Analysis

Approach for industry value chain analysis - IEBS

Leveraging the Industry Value Chain Analysis through Right Means

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