Technology is a progressive area, the graph will always move up and new technologies will keep emerging with advancing years, and so will the competition among existing and future companies. A technology landscape analysis can provide a deep insight into the changing technology trends and give you a fair idea of the market, now and in future.

A Patent Landscape is an in-depth analysis of patents and non-patent literature that seeks to answer one or more business objectives. It involves a complete analysis of the past, present and future trends in technology that help you plan and innovate your research strategies. This analysis will help you identify new junctions for research and development (R&D) and uncover the most appropriate inventions and/or business strategies by observing the latest market trends. Patent landscape study can also help to identify the white spaces or gaps (i.e. white space analysis) in the technology domain, so that the company can plan its entry in the field. Businesses can use patent landscape studies for competitive intelligence gathering: where you find out more about your competitors than they know about you.

Why Us?

Report: Our report likely includes a customized taxonomy of relevant results and recommendations along with an exhaustive patent bucket, consisting of relevant classes, assignee and inventors; a description of the search strings used to locate the data.

Our team performs an online search to mine underlying data and further evaluate patents as per the client defined criteria. Our patent analytics team isolates relevant patents to prepare technology landscape to help client identify opportunity areas. Results are provided in a user friendly format with hyperlinks. The reports and results are provided in Microsoft excel, Html and PowerPoint formats. We have subject matter experts in many areas of technology and our experienced analysts utilize best strategies to uncover essential information.

Graphical Representation: Information is represented using a combination of graphs, pie-charts, bubble charts and 2-D and 3-D charts which disclose the white space in the technology. We also share Chart’s that helps you understand the latest market trends better. Geographical distribution pie-charts elaborate activity in different jurisdictions across the globe, and tables are used for the representation of year wise break up of number of patents and patent applications, technology and assignee wise distribution of patents.