Business Intelligence

Winning strategies are backed by facts and data analytics. Ingenious e-Brain Solutions helps clients increase their share, enter emerging markets, diversify product offerings, understand customer behavior and increase revenue and profits. Our team of researchers and market analysts identify cutting-edge technologies and newer application areas in the global market. Gaining deeper insights about competitors and target market segments help our clients in making effective decisions. Our ‘off-the-shelf’ custom reports provide a composite view of the, focusing towards future scenarios and visionary innovation. A sophisticated blend of methodologies supplemented by a network of industry experts and specialists enable us to provide growth and innovation insights across industries. Our clients rely on our specialized insights to identify new opportunities for their existing products and services to improve their reach.

Business Research

Market Intelligence

Winning business strategies are backed by facts and data analytics. Ingenious e-Brain Solutions helps clients increase their market share, enter emerging markets, diversify product offerings, understand customer behavior and increase revenue and profits. Our team of researchers and market analysts identify cutting-edge technologies and newer application areas in the global market. Gaining deeper insights about competitors and target market segments help our clients in making effective business decisions.

Business Research

Market Potential Analysis

The understanding economic opportunity allows better utilization of sales and marketing resources. Our methodology for market potential analysis uses a combination of market, demographics and lifestyle data to gather actionable inputs for our clients. Our experts calculate market potential in terms of both customer potential and revenue potential, providing a holistic approach towards addressing untapped opportunity areas. Rigorous analytical techniques are used to organize the market into diverse segments, and market potential of each segment is calculated.

Business Research

Market Sizing

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions not only evaluates the total size and revenue of the market but also provides in-depth analysis of the size of specific market segments that your business would cater to. Through a combination of primary and secondary intelligence, our experts analyze both the demand and supply side of the market to accurately derive total market and revenue size. While assessing the size of the market, both market value and market volume are taken into consideration.

Business Research

Emerging Market and Market Entry Strategies

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions understands the technicalities involved while entering a new or emerging market. Our experts provide a 360-degree overview of the market which covers the market potential, competition, government regulations, import/export regulations and legal aspects among other factors that vary from industry to industry. We provide a holistic view of the market and enable our client to take strategic market decisions.

Business Research

Competitive Landscape Assessment

It goes without saying that understanding the competitive landscape is essential for identifying competitors and succeeding in the market. We help our clients to understand indicators like market concentration, competitor background, positioning in the value chain and financials of competitors. Ingenious e-Brain Solutions employees in-house capabilities along with existing models such as Porter’s Five Force, Structure Conduct Performance (SCP) framework, Lifecycle Analysis, and Strategic Group Analysis among others.

Business Research

Competitor Strategy Assessment

Competitor strategy assessment is an essential component of corporate strategy development. This assessment provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to highlight the opportunities and threats. This type of analysis combines all the relevant sources of competitor analysis into one framework to support the efficient and effective strategy formulation, implementation, monitoring, and adjustment.

Business Research

Product Landscape

In this ever-changing market, knowing about your competitors’ products is very important in order to gain the market share. Ingenious e-Brain Solutions helps the clients understand the competitors’ products and highlights the difference between the client’s product.We at Ingenious believe that a product’s success depends on how the customers perceive; thus, our product landscape study also incorporates customer surveys and conducts a gap analysis to understand the differences between client’s products and customers demand.

Business Research

Industry Trends Analysis

In this dynamic market preparing yourself for the future helps to mitigate the market risk and grow profit margin and market share. Ingenious e-Brain Solutions helps the clients to take informed decisions about the shifting industry trends. We offer our clients a 360-degree view of the industry trends by looking into parameters like technology innovations, patents, consumer behavior and industry regulations among various others.

Business Research

Brand Positioning Strategies

If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand, hence creating an image that relates to the customer is very important for any company. Ingenious e-Brain helps the clients by evaluating how their brand is positioned, how are their competitors brand positioned and what is the difference between the positioning of both the brands. In addition, we also help to develop a distinct and value-based positioning idea, brand positioning statement and testing the customer reactions.

Business Research

Customer Insights & Surveys

In the ever-changing business environment, it is important to address the unmet needs of customers to have an upper hand on the market. Our dedicated team of market researchers and statistical analysts help in mapping customer insights with our clients’ distinctive operational strengths. Trends in customer behavior are analyzed in detail to provide non-obvious insights. The data obtained from surveys and interviews are then converged to glean actionable insights. Our qualitative methods encompass specific focus groups and ethnography to gain insights into target markets.

Business Research

Supplier & Partner Identification

Supplier Partner Identification is the first step to a robust procurement cycle. We understand that identifying potential suppliers and partners who provide a specific service or product is a daunting task. As our clients venture towards new and developing markets overseas, we offer our expertise in locating and evaluating potential suppliers and partners objectively, in terms of their IP, technology, pricing and quality certifications. Our clients trust us to understand key qualifying criteria for vetting of potential suppliers and providing a list of ‘best fit’ recommendations based on requirements of the client.

Business Research

Regulatory & Compliance Intelligence

As the global regulatory landscape across different sectors experiences unprecedented changes, Ingenious e-Brain Solutions helps clients keep abreast with latest developments within the regulatory compliance environment. We help our clients monitor regulatory changes and understand regional practices that may promote or hinder entry in a market. Our global regulatory intelligence not only helps identify new trends in regulation but also factors in similar/diverging requirements across markets in different geographies.

Business Research

Player Ecosystem Analysis

To achieve success in the innovative market, companies require a thorough understanding of the complete network of organizations involved in the delivery of a product or service. This diverse ecosystem comprises suppliers, customers, distributors, competitors, collaborators and so on. Each business in the ecosystem is uniquely positioned and interacts with other players through a constantly evolving relationship. Understanding all the factors which impact a business would help in identifying optimum channel strategy and specific intermediaries which would be most effective.

Business Research

Company Profiling

We are in fierce and intense competitive environment, where you need to have hawk eye on the competitor’s work, technology inclination, services, and policies. The trick is to deliver this information in an as unique manner as possible, so it helps your business to stand out in comparison to others. At ingenious, we provide our clients with professional company profile, which includes a formal introduction about their products, businesses, IP segment, and services. This brief information plays a vital role in industry benchmarking, license in/out, merger and/or acquisitions.

Business Research

Social Media Analytics

In the age of digitalization social media plays an important role in the marketing of the products or services. This implies that social media platforms are store houses of data that can be used to analyze and evaluate market trends and customer sentiments. Ingenious e-Brain Solutions analyses this data and supports its customers by providing insights that help in increasing revenues, reducing customer service costs, getting feedback on products and services, and improving public opinion of a particular product or business division.

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