Patent Valuation

Intangible assets such as patents play a large role in determining the overall value of a business and understanding the value of these assets is important and necessary in today’s intensively competitive economy. We are experienced in providing patent valuation services to a broad range of technology area. We have multi-disciplinary skills to understand various factors that impact the value of a patent such as technology type, alternate technologies, legal status, patent dependency and size of addressable market. Our skilled patent valuation team addresses all key elements that impact IP value such as patent strength index, market opportunities and estimated economic benefits.

Typically the following three points should be considered before patent valuation:

What is the cost value after spending millions of currency for the invention

How much is the earning after spending about 20 millions with a patent in the next 10 years. (Income value)

Will we be able to sell the patent for 5 millions? (Market-value)

Based on these points there are three different valuation-approaches known: Cost-, income- and market-approach. Ingenious e-Brain Solutions offers all of these types as patent valuation methods.

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