Patentability Search

Patentability Search is based on the sole criteria of novelty and non-obviousness. Patentability/Novelty search helps to evaluate a particular invention and provides an insight into the already existing technologies and opinions for forming a strategy to go forward with a Patent Application, or not.

This search is effective when an invention is in its developing stage. It is designed to assist in providing quality solutions. Once we are provided with a brief disclosure of the invention, we perform an exhaustive worldwide search of all issued patents, expired patents, published patent applications and other relevant Non-Patent Literature from a quick Search to a Search that might extend up to a few days, depending upon its complexity.

State of Art Search

State-of-the-art patent search is a comprehensive search that provides a general idea about the prior art in a particular field of technology. An extension to the patentability search, this includes searching not only the published patents and applications but also specific publications in the field of the art. State of art is a patent search which gives a complete picture of the relevant field of the art to determine the direction of research and is, therefore important for the R & D initiatives. It helps to collect information critical for making market decisions and proves indispensable to a company considering entry into a new technology area or development of new products. More the number of patents are cited in search, the better it will help you to determine the future direction for your research by understanding the present market trends at a glance.

Why Us??

Expert Search Teams:

Our team understands the significance of a thorough in-depth patentability search. We have subject matter experts in many areas of technology. Our experienced analysts utilize best strategies to uncover essential information. We follow a ‘right person for right patent’ approach wherein we make sure that the project team comprises domain specific experts.

Detailed Search Report:

At the end of the search we provide a Claim chart representation of each Prior Art. Our results are provided in a user friendly format with hyperlinks and bookmarks. To reduce the analysis time, we provide each reference with its bibliography detail. A thorough and detailed analysis of all references is provided which includes feature to feature mapping.

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