Due Diligence

IP due diligence is integral part of an organization in planning for their maximization profits by avoiding costly mistakes and properly determining the value of business transactions involving IP. It helps the organization to take informed decisions as invest in, license-in/out, or /sell IP assets. And also helps in examining the strength, scope and enforceability, ownership rights, and the future potential to be derived from the IP.

Our IP due diligence experts provide valuable reports for different business ventures and assist our clients in the evaluation of competitors’ IP portfolios.

Our IP Valuation and IP due diligence plan includes the following:

  • Identifying and arranging key IP assets (patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, domain names, contracts, etc.)
  • Developing strategy to protect and commercialize key IP assets
  • Assisting in maximizing economic returns from key IP assets
  • Assessing value of key IP in the cases of mergers and acquisitions
  • Evaluating any potential infringement claims
  • Keeping track on use of non-monetary assets and developing processes and procedures in place to invent, create and use Intellectual Property Rights associated with those assets.
  • IP Auditing for protecting business against the unauthorized use of third party Intellectual Property rights.

Our Solutions

Identifying, arranging and developing strategies to protect and commercialize key assets

  • To improve your business capability, portfolio assessment is a vital task. We help you to manage and analyze your IP portfolio by identifying strengths and addressing gaps.
  • We also keep track on under-performing non-monetary non-aligned assets which are maintained unnecessarily to make informed decision on R&D strategy and IP investment.

Evaluating potential infringement

We conduct infringement searches for the identified patents to look for potential infringement of the technology of the patent. Patent Infringement Searches are conducted in order to identify products, technology standards or specifications which potentially infringes you patent. This process involves a complete analysis of the product description which includes analysis of manuals, manufacturing sheets, white papers and other product documents. Once potential products/standards are identified, relevant key features and products are examined in detail or the standard and specs of the patent are reviewed in detail.

We identify all the products infringing your patent claims and prepare claim charts, clearly pointing out how each element of the patent claims are demonstrably present in the infringing product, thereby validating the actual use of the technology. Patent Infringement Search is therefore essential to understand the claim scope of the subject patent.

IP auditing for protecting business against the unauthorized use of third party IP rights

IP audit is a useful tool if the client is considering licensing, purchasing or investing into and become a stakeholder. An IP audit will provide platform for understanding as to what technology are protected by IP; the scope of protection; the enforce ability such as timely payment of maintenance fee; and ownership of the technology. We also perform asset validation checks, including assignment history and active life remaining for a patent.

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