Portfolio Analysis

Patent portfolio analysis is conducted to analyze the relevant strength of all patents and patent application owned by a specific company. An effective portfolio analysis assists in identifying the value in patent portfolio which over the time period can be “lost” in the complexity of the wider portfolio and also spot under performing non-aligned assets which are maintained unnecessarily. Thereby, helping you to strategy your R&D and IP investment.

In addition, we also compare patent portfolio of one company with another company/competitor to identify competitive strength, weaknesses and opportunities. This in-depth analysis can also be help in making strategic decision related to partnerships or mergers or acquisitions.

Our studies, based on the request, provide regular portfolio analysis for a single portfolio or entire technology space to determine the technical field activity around the world. All the relevant patents are analyzed and classified in a detailed manner (according to taxonomy). This analysis helps our clients to identify the patents which are not relevant to business and abandon that do not have any market value for the business goal. The portfolio analysis is performed to classify in a manner to help companies to understand their competitor position.

What we do?

In a typical patent portfolio analysis our team performs following phases:

  • Analyzing and categorizing whole patent portfolio with respect to their revenue generation potential
  • Identifying key patents that are asset to the organization and have significant market value
  • Identifying strong patents that have significant market value but are no longer core to the industry’s business objectives for out-licensing
  • Conduct defensive patent portfolio analysis by mapping competitor patent portfolio onto your product line to identify potential candidates for in-licensing
  • Analyzing the shortlisted patents to identify potential infringers by performing offensive patent portfolio analysis
  • Preparation of infringement claim charts for the strong and valuable patents in the portfolio
  • Developing a Patent Product Matrix which comprises of the products and devices most likely to use your IP
  • Cost savings through abandonment of weak patents that do not have any market value and also are not important for industry’s business objectives
  • Providing automated alerts on pending renewals, taking care of annuity payments and ensuring that all necessary actions are performed in a timely manner

Why us?

Our team understands the significance of a thorough in-depth patent research. We have subject matter experts in many areas of technology. Our experienced analysts utilize best strategies to uncover essential information. We follow a ‘right person for right patent’ approach wherein we make sure that the project team comprises domain specific experts.

Our report likely includes a customized taxonomy of relevant results and recommendations along with an exhaustive patent bucket, consisting of relevant classes, and inventors; a description of the search strings used to locate the data

We conduct offensive patent portfolio analysis (mapping competitor’s product line onto client’s patent portfolio) and defensive patent portfolio analysis (mapping the competitor patent portfolio onto our client’s product line) and help you in identifying potential candidates for licensing.

Information is graphically represented using a combination of intuitive graphs, pie-charts, bubble charts and 2-D and 3-D charts

Upon request, strong infringement claim charts is also prepared for valuable patents in the portfolio.

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