Technology Landscape

Technology is a progressive area, the graph will always move up and new technologies will keep emerging with advancing years, and so will the competition among existing and future companies. As technologies life cycles shrink and business models change our pragmatic research and insights based approach help organizations to innovate and succeed in the market.

The report includes an in-depth analysis of the portfolios of key players in the technology field, which can greatly assist our clients in avoiding infringing upon current patents, provide an indication of research and development areas as well as provide an indication of possible licensing opportunities.

A Technology Landscape Study consists of a highly detailed customized report and analysis of art, trends and possible directions of a client specified technology field of interest. We provide complete overview of any specific technology to provide strategic direction on technology investments for its clients. Our extensive expertise spans the technology life cycle from ideation to commercialization. Our Technology and Intellectual Property solutions help clients to

  • Identify and manage Intellectual Property risks,
  • Gain competitive advantage through technology intelligence
  • Analyzing the patent portfolios of relevant competitors and
  • Take informed decisions and develop patent strategy across the innovation process

Our Solutions

Technology Intelligence Support

Our Technology Intelligence experts help clients get insights on technological and competitive environment before taking critical investment decisions. Our Technology Intelligence solutions help clients:

  • Get a macro and micro level understanding of a given technology space
  • Analyse a range of technologies to understand the best fit for their needs
  • Get intelligence on the technologies that competitors are focusing on or investing in
  • Analyse relative strengths of competitors on a variety of business and technology parameters

Technology Bench-Marking

Our Technology Bench marking services enable clients to take informed strategic decisions on:

  • Comparing product key performance comparison against their peer organization.
  • Identifying the potential opportunities for cost optimization and investment prioritization
  • Assessing strategic innovation trend that impact your business

Technology Scouting

Innovation scouting is a systematic approach for innovation in a field to determine the ways to proceed with an idea to make a product. In the current scenario, most of the industries are facing the challenge of consistently furnishing their product pipeline. As innovation is recognized as a critical component for future corporate growth, the industries are now proactively focusing on all sources of innovations (internal as well as external) for being competitive. These industries go beyond their boundaries for adopting new technologies using innovation scouts and specialists.

We assist such industries in identifying ideas and partners for acquiring inventions or intellectual property from other companies thereby advancing their business model. Our experts use external ideas as well as internal ideas for advancing their technology in order to build their strong and innovative product portfolio.

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