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We are driving positive impact through CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a vital component of business operations. Through this concept, firms can seize an opportunity to repay their respective society & communities by ensuring a positive impact of the activities on the public, customers, shareholders, employees, and the environment. CSR encompasses moral obligations & strategic activities that either directly or indirectly transform this planet towards overall betterment.

Ingenious e-Brain Solutions envisions an enabled, unprejudiced, and inclusive world and is endeavoring to create a better world for generations to come. Besides offering strategic solutions to clients to become sustainable, we organize certain events and participate in numerous CSR-supporting activities to accelerate solutions to some of the severe global issues being recognized across society & planet.

A few CSR policies our organization has successfully adopted include:

Education promotion – Considering education as an important aspect of a country’s overall development, we donated desktop computers to support community groups below the poverty line and make them aware of the technology.

Community engagement – To serve back to the community, we take various initiatives and actively participate in different events organized for the welfare of society. In recent years, we took part in various food, clothes, and blood donation campaigns; and relished the greatest act of grace.

Environmental sustainability – Ingenious e-Brain Solutions contributes to making the environment sustainable by replacing high electricity-consuming electronics with energy-efficient equipment. Moreover, we often plant trees to reduce our carbon footprint and maintain the greenery of the planet.

Ethical business practices – We proactively review our policies & procedures to ensure that the business practices we follow are ethical and transparent. Our specific set of policies focuses on preventing conflicts of interest, measures to secure the data, and maintaining the privacy of employees and customers.

Zero discrimination – We follow a few policy guidelines that promote gender equality, offering everyone equal opportunities and promoting inclusion in the workplace. We encourage diversity in the workplace and don’t discriminate based on race, disability, or religion. We are proud to support the LGBTQ+ community in this endeavor.


Giving Back To Create A Better Tomorrow By PROMOTING EDUCATION!!!

At Ingenious e-Brain, we believe that basic knowledge to operate computers seems mandatory to sustain in the widely expanding digitalization era; especially in this well-established corporate realm. As quality education lays the foundation of any nation’s future, we contributed a negligible share towards alleviating our country’s poverty by helping underprivileged groups in our society acquire professional skills. We collaborated with one of our CSR partners, Blessing Foundation—a non-profit organization working on real issues of underprivileged people—in early 2022 to donate desktop computers for this noble cause.

Be The Change You Wish To See: Our Policy On NON-DISCRIMINATION

IEBS believes that transformation begins within. Therefore, to create an unbiased environment for everyone on this planet, the organization began by framing a few policy guidelines that aim to promote equality and inclusiveness in the workplace. Ingenious e-Brain Solutions strongly condemns discrimination based on race, gender, disability, and religion. There is a major gap in gender equality that needs to be addressed in this sphere. As usual, women are being left behind in the crusade for social change. We’d like to bring your attention by informing you that our organization encourages women’s empowerment, as it comprises around 60 percent of female employees. Moreover, we are happier to support the LGBTQ+ community in this endeavor.

Building A HEALTHIER COMMUNITY Through Our Dynamic Involvement In Blood Donation Camps

Blood donation is undoubtedly a selfless act of kindness and a valuable service that promotes a sense of community and social responsibility. Every two seconds someone needs blood, and its unavailability causes complications in patients’ health, which in turn lead to fatalities. Hence, to ensure that there is an adequate blood supply, Ingenious e-Brain Solutions contributes its share to mitigate this global issue with the unwavering support of its socially responsible employees, who actively participate and donate blood at the respective campaigns & events.

Nurture Yourself Prior To Supporting Others: EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING Policy To Help Emerge IEBS As A Volunteer

IEBS considers that an organization’s success is not just measured through financial figures, but also by the well-being & satisfaction of its employees. Along with offering perks & other benefits, professional development opportunities, and a safe & healthy work environment; we also focus on promoting the health of our employees. Therefore, we organized badminton tournaments and an eye check-up drive for the entire team of IEBS. As both physical and mental health are the core components of overall health, we also arranged a yoga session at the workplace to create health awareness among our employees.

Prioritizing And PROMOTING SUSTAINABILITY Across The Personal & Professional Platforms

Making the environment sustainable isn’t the sole responsibility of administrations; communities & corporations must also contribute by taking some crucial steps. Although we direct almost all business entities to reduce their carbon footprint and help them attain sustainability, IEBS is also involved in making the environment sustainable. For the same, we have replaced high electricity-consuming equipment with energy-efficient electronics. In addition, we often plant trees to mitigate global carbon emissions naturally.

Donating Surplus Sources For Improved COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT

Giving back to the community makes a significant impact and is the key objective of CSR activities. As an individual firm, we have been taking various initiatives, and all our enthusiastic employees are engaged in managing different events organized for the welfare of society. We have also partnered with Sudha Society and Sharda Foundation—local non-profit organizations—to successfully organize campaigns for food & clothes donations; and relish the greatest act of grace.

Our collaborators in CSR activities

Our Values

We continually strive to deliver beyond the expectations set for us and deliver excellence by adding value to every project. We are driven by four key values:


Trust-based Relationships with Our Clients


We create trust-based relationships with our clients & help them achieve their business objectives through mutual understanding & collaboration.


Impact of Our Actions on Our Clients


We consider impact of our actions on our clients business and are accountable for our behaviors, actions and results.


Excellence and Quality in Our Services


We are committed to deliver to the highest standards of excellence and quality in our services.


Incorporates the Normative Phenomenon


We follow a positive model that Incorporates the normative phenomenon of morality, ethics and legality.

Our Strength

Our strength lies in the exceptionally talented and experienced professionals who work to meet the clients’ demands. We provide a single platform for IP Services, Analytics and Business Research services to enable our client in becoming more efficient, productive and differentiators in their respective domains. With Ingenious e-Brain we assure you that you have chosen the right vendor for your current and future IP & business needs. Our innovative solutions have benefited several Fortune 100 Companies and leading Law Firms in USA, Canada and Europe.

Qualified and Experienced Search Team

IEBS has technology specific departments including Biotechnology, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Electrical, Computer Science, Mechanical, Chemical, etc. Our core search team comprises of professionals with Bachelors, Masters and PhD degree holders from premier institutes of India, such as the IIT’s, IISc, etc.

Flexible IP Service Models

We provide various flexible IP service models to our clients. In yearly relationship models, the clients are provided flexibility to choose IP team members and their work allocation as per their requirements.

Competent IT Solutions

Our programming language experts are capable of preparing user-defined portals / dashboards for effective data management and smart business decisions. Our in-house proprietary IP management tool automates IP data management at our client’s end and supports them by improving processes and enhancing productivity.

Regular Trainings

Our IP professionals undergo regular internal / external trainings for constantly improving their technical / professional skills.

Our key strength includes:

  • Qualified and Experienced Search Team
  • Competent IT Solutions
  • Flexible IP Service Models
  • Regular Trainings
  • Goals & Objectives
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Authority Structure
  • Communication Channels

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