Infringement searches are conducted in order to identify products, technology standards or specifications which potentially infringes you patent. We identify all the products infringing your patent claims and prepare claim charts, clearly pointing out how each element of the patent claims are demonstrably present in the infringing product. It is therefore essential to understand the claim scope of the subject patent.

The search process involves a complete analysis of the product description which includes analysis of manuals, manufacturing sheets, white papers and other product documents. Once potential products/standards are identified, relevant key features and products are examined in detail or the standard and specs of the patent are reviewed in detail.

Why Us?

We create detailed, color coded reports which clearly show the mapped claims of patent with products features of products description etc. The evidence of infringement in the given product is delivered to you in any format (a word file, excel sheet, PowerPoint) as per your needs. We may also provide reverse engineering to ensure a complete satisfaction at your end.