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  • Offers insights on market potential for companies willing to penetrate the market segment
  • Gather insights on product substitutes which could be potential threats to new entrants as well as existing players – Threat of Substitute
  • Assist client’s in understanding the demand side of market – Buyer’s Power
  • Also, provides insights on supplier side of the industry ecosystem – Supplier’s Power
  • Provides assistance to our clients in understanding the level of competition in the market – Competitive Rivalry

Step by Step Approach

Step 1: Mapping the various factors of Porter’s 5 forces on Radar Chart

Porter’s Model - Step by step Approach

Step 2: Scaling the Cumulative Impact of Porter’s 5 Forces Model on Any Industry

How Client’s will Benefit?

This model helps our clients in attaining insightful information regarding a product or industry segment to be able to able to make effective strategic moves in the market. The following figure will showcase the inferences that can be drawn using this model: