Case Study: Automatic Transmission System Market

The Client

A Tier 1 Automotive Supplier

The Challenge

The client needed a detailed understanding of the market and technological advancements in the field of Automatic Transmission System segment in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region.

Our Solution

The team conducted an in-depth analysis of automatic transmission system market and captured insights about all the manufacturers and suppliers operating in the MENA region. This study deeply analysed their technological trends and forecasted their growth using primary and secondary data sources. The gathered information was fed into an inhouse data model which incorporated all the market forces to derive the actual market estimates. Using advanced in-house analytics, we generated insights to support the client’s decision-making process.  We also provided a player eco-system analysis which helped in identifying its key competitors.


This study helped the client to evaluate the technological advancements and focus its R&D resources accordingly. The market sizing, competitive benchmarking and technological landscaping helped the client to redesign the sales and marketing strategies by identifying potential countries, key competitors, taxes and regulations and areas of white space for potential market entry. It also gave an overview of constraints, challenges and opportunities with respect to each country.