A Flexible Display is a display which is flexible in nature; differentiable from the more prevalent traditional flat screen used in the most electronic devices.

It enables a new intuitive user interface, suitable for simple operations in application software and opens up new possibilities for flexible displays to be used as user-interface devices.


  • Smart Card, Electronic Paper
  • Mobile Communication
  • Personal Computer/Portable Displays/E-Reader
  • Large area Display
  • Wearable Electronics
  • Automotive Application
  • Non–Display-Type Application (Toys, Plastic Art, etc.)
  • Electronics Billboards


Trends and Market

Flexible Display Roadmap



  • From traditional rigid substrates to flexible substrate
  • Satisfy the requirements of both substrate and deposited electronics
  • Handle the high processing temperatures encountered when making rigid displays
  • Laminate adhesives that can perform reliably at high temperatures without being affected by stresses
  • Achieving large quantity supply with comparatively low cost

Market Size of Flexible Display

As we saw in 2009, the market size of the Flexible Display was small. But as the technology grow up the size of the market increases accordingly.In 2017, the market size of this technology grow up to 12,000 M USD and expected to grow beyond this in consecutive years.


Key Players

Key Assignees

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Apple
  • Wohan China Star Optoelectronics Technology
  • BOE Technology

Key Universities

  • The University Of Illinois
  • The University Of California
  • Arizona State University
  • The University Of Michigan
  • Nanjing Tech University

Key Inventors

  • Xia Chuanjun
  • Drzaic Paul
  • Zhang Zhen
  • MA Bin
  • Yeager Walter

Samsung has a large number of share for patent filing in 2017 i.e. 33% of the total patent filed for flexible display. After this LG has the second number in patent filing share in 2017 i.e. 26 % of the total Filing of the patent.

Samsung Galaxy X has a foldable 4K Display so that the resolution would remain high even when the phone was folded.


Technology and Geographical Filing Trends 2017

Application Based Filing
IEBS - Geographical Based Filing
IEBS - Technology based filing