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IEBS provide the most effective solutions to our client’s on formulating strategies related to its product pricing. It could be to identify the optimum price range for a new product which the company is likely to launch in the market or to understand the future price trends of any product or technology.  In order to cater to such client’s requirements, we offer the following models:

Price Sensitivity Model

  • IEBS provides assistance on identifying new products price, marketer’s decision on changing product’s price, competitor’s product price range.
  • Involves consumer survey to gather information on consumer’s willingness to pay and thus identifying the range of acceptable pricing.

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Price Forecast Model

  • IEBS provides assistance on future pricing dynamics of a product/technology to its valuable clients.
  • Involves gathering insights on historic and current industry trends.
  • Also, qualitative and factors quantitative impacting the price are considered in this model.

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