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Access our IP, Technology and Market Intelligence report store to identify the technology and market trends that can uplift the future growth and foresee the competitive environment of your business. Encompassing all information on patents, market, product, company financials, market statistics, innovations and technology; our in-depth reports identify and analyze the changes in the business environment and helps to improve decision making for the survival of business in short, medium and long run.

Global COVID-19 Testing – Opportunities and Roadmap - The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has now spread to nearly every country on the planet. The overall number of cases are greater than the number of confirmed cases. Low availability of test kits and sensitivity/specificity issues associated with a set of current kits are the key detrimental factors in timely medication. Inadequate testing capacity for SARS… Continue Reading
In-depth Analysis- CRISPR/Cas9 Technology - Summary:There has been a ceaseless development in gene modification strategy beginning from restriction endonucleases, transgenic breeding, RNAi advances to the currently engineered endonucleases. Over the last few decades, Gene editing took a new turn with the discovery of CRISPR and its variant Cas9. CRISPR not only gave a new image to gene editing but also… Continue Reading