In-depth Analysis- CRISPR/Cas9 Technology

Published Date: May, 2018 || Pages: 120
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There has been a ceaseless development in gene modification strategy beginning from restriction endonucleases, transgenic breeding, RNAi advances to the currently engineered endonucleases. Over the last few decades, Gene editing took a new turn with the discovery of CRISPR and its variant Cas9. CRISPR not only gave a new image to gene editing but also raised the standards for new findings. CRISPR and CRISPR-associated (Cas) genes market is expected to hit whopping value of USD 4.09 billion by 2025. The influencing factor for the escalated growth of CRISPR-Cas system is progressive gene therapy, disease prevalence, GM crops, grants/funding etc.

# The key players (Maximum filing) in CRISPR-Cas system-based genome editing is Broad Institute, MIT, Harvard college, Dupont, University California etc.

Key Coverage

  • The report studies the analysis and multidimensional technical categorization viz. patent filing trends, country wise patent etc.
  • Technology forecast & core technology visualizations, prosecution visualization, statistical analytics, citation & classification visualization etc.
  • Comprehensive list of players (companies & research institute), emerging players, cross-domain companies & inventor visualizations.
  • White space analysis, competitor benchmarking
  • CRISPR: Strategic Analysis SWOT & PEST
  • CRISPR-Cas system-based genome editing global market over the forecast period 2016- 2025
  • CRISPR market segmentation by region, application, end user & product.
  • Industry movement partnerships, agreements, collaborations, expansions, acquisitions, and product & service launches in the market
  • Profiles of prominent companies along with their market share & product portfolio
  • Recent advances & development

Project Scope
The report studies CRISPR Technology in various below stated segments:

By Application

  • Agrisciences
  • Cellular & animal study
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Therapeutics
  • Detection/Diagnosis
  • Veterinary

By End User

  • Biotechnology & Pharma firms
  • Research Institutes

By Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the world

### IEBS offers tailored information as per client needs viz. additional company profiling (up to 10), partner identification, regions which are untapped, key strategies employed by the target companies for their sustenance in the studied field etc.

1.Technology Overview


1.2.Executive Summary

1.3.Technical Taxonomy

2.Technology Insights

2.1.Systems and/or Host Organism

2.1.1. Prokaryotes

2.1.2. Eukaryotes

2.2. Target Gene

2.3. CRISPR in Agrisciences

2.3.1. CRISPR in plant biomass production

2.3.2. CRISPR in stress tolerance

2.3.3. CRISPR in phenotype modification

2.3.4. CRISPR infertility

2.3.5. Other CRISPR mediated modification in plants

2.4.CRISPR in Veterinary

2.4.1. CRISPR in livestock diseases

2.4.2. CRISPR in livestock growth/breeding

2.4.3. CRISPR in controlling livestock sexual maturity

2.4.4. CRISPR in livestock-related material production

2.4.5. Other CRISPR mediated livestock modification

2.5.CRISPR in Therapeutics

2.5.1. CRISPR mediated therapy in different diseases CRISPR in oncology CRISPR in autoimmune diseases CRISPR in infectious diseases

2.5.2. CRISPR based trials

2.5.3. CRISPR in diagnosis/prognosis

2.6.CRISPR in Cellular and Animal Studies

2.6.1. CRISPR modified cell lines/primary cells

2.6.2. CRISPR modified animal models

2.7.CRISPR in Food and Nutrition

2.7.1. Genotyping of bacteria

2.7.2. Keeping perishables fresher for longer time

2.7.3. Improving flavor

2.7.4. CRISPR-Cas for enhanced meat production

2.8.CRISPR based kits

2.9.CRISPR based modification for biofuel production

2.10.CRISPR based other modifications (basic science)

3. Landscape Overview

3.1.Year wise technology filing trend

3.2.Top Players

3.2.1.Year wise filing trend of top players

3.2.2.Top institutes

3.2.3.Top company’s

3.2.4.Company vs Institute

3.3.Top IPC/CPC Classifications

3.4.Geographic Activity

3.4.1.Geographically filing activity

3.4.2.Top company’s geographically

3.4.3.Top institutes geographically

3.4.4.Company vs Institute

3.5.Top Players

3.5.1.Filing Trends

3.5.2.Top Inventors

3.5.3.Jurisdictions of deposition Country


3.6.New Entrants

3.6.1.Filing Trends

3.6.2.Top Inventors

3.6.3.Jurisdictions of deposition Country


3.7.Collaborations / Acquisitions / Licensing Activity

3.7.1.Collaboration between companies

3.7.2.Collaboration between company and universities

3.7.3.Licensing activity

3.7.4.Acquisition in the technology domain

3.8.Technology based comparison between top players

4.Research Literature Overview

4.1.Year wise publication trend

4.1.1.Top Authors

4.1.2.Top Companies

4.1.3.Top Universities

4.2.Technology Breakdown

4.2.1.Non- distribution in technical aspects

5.Recent in CRISPR viz. CRISPR/Cpf1, xCas9 etc.

6.White Space Analysis

7.Future of CRISPR

8.Press releases

8.1.Contract / funding information

8.1.1.Contract / funding objective

8.1.2.Contract / funding information

8.2.Partnership / Collaboration / Licensing

8.2.1.Partnership / Collaboration / Licensing objective

8.2.2.Information of associated companies

8.3.New emerging technologies

8.3.1.Information of associated company

8.3.2.Information of associated inventors

8.4.Undergoing research activities

8.4.1.Information of associated company

8.4.2.Information of associated inventors

9.Conference Updates

9.1.Technology Opinions from Experts

9.1.1.Industry expert’s opinion of the developments

9.2.Technology Collaboration Insights

9.3.Strategies of Companies working in the Domain

9.4.Investor Details

9.5.Recent Product Developments

9.5.1.Product overview

9.5.2.Company information

9.5.3.Information of associated team

9.6.Research Technology Updates

9.6.1.Technology overview

9.6.2.Information of associated team

10.CRISPR: Market Overview

10.1 CRISPR Market Segmentation-By Region

10.1.1 CRISPR Market Segmentation-North America

10.1.2 CRISPR Market Segmentation-Europe

10.1.3 CRISPR Market Segmentation-Asia Pacific

10.2 CRISPR Market Segmentation-By Application

10.3 CRISPR Market Segmentation-End Use

10.4 CRISPR Market segmentation-By Product

11.CRISPR- Market Determinants

12.CRISPR-Opportunity Vs. Restraints

13.CRISPR: Strategic Analysis SWOT & PEST

14.CRISPR Market Development (2012-2017)

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