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Access our IP, Technology and Market Intelligence report store to identify the technology and market trends that can uplift the future growth and foresee the competitive environment of your business. Encompassing all information on patents, market, product, company financials, market statistics, innovations and technology; our in-depth reports identify and analyze the changes in the business environment and helps to improve decision making for the survival of business in short, medium and long run.

Antiviral Agents - Ingenious e-Brain Antiviral Agents For Surface Treatment - Advancement in polymers, packaging, and paint materials in extending these products' shelf life is an essential factor thriving as a critical factor in the growth and adoption of antiviral agents. The need for sterile and antiviral products amid Covid-19 panic has shaped the consumer attitude towards this market. Demand for such materials in day-to-day consumer… Continue Reading
N Type – Face Masks/Respirators Commercial Landscape - The N type - Face masks/Respirators Commercial Landscape report covers the know the different types of N type masks/respirators available in the market. Additionally, the material of N type masks/respirators for filter, straps, staples, nose clips, nose foam, shell and cover web. Also, it includes key players and what are their products types, material, applicability… Continue Reading
Technology, Innovation and Market Report: Global Green and Bio Polyols - The use of green and bio-polyols has been growing in last years in polyurethane, leather industry, furniture and bedding. Companies are moving towards green chemistry by replacing petrochemical based polyols. This report provides an extensive analysis of technology prospective which is segmented based upon application, functions and type of bio-polyols. This report also comprises of… Continue Reading