N Type – Face Masks/Respirators Commercial Landscape

Published Date: March, 2020 || Pages: 130
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This report study the commercial landscape of the N type face masks/respirators. This report categorizes the commercial landscape by type, material, companies, applicability and end-use.

N type face masks/respirators are used by individuals, factory workers and medical staff persons. These masks restrict the entry of harmful pathogens and particulates into our body. Additionally, they provide clean air to breathe freely in the polluted and disease potential area. These marks are of most crucial at the time of any epidemic flue and can beat the virus like COVID-19. As they provide the protection of inhaling or coming in direct contact of the virus and also restrict an affected one to spread germs or viruses.

These N-type masks are specially designed to protect individuals from a host of viruses. The individuals can purchase the mask as per their mouth size to ensure complete protection. They are available in the customization and they covers mouth, nose, and chin without leaving any kinds of gaps.

N type masks: By the type, the commercial landscape is split into:

Type 1: Based on the masks/respirator efficiency


  • N95 masks/respirators
  • N99 masks/respirators
  • N100 masks/respirators

Type 2: Based on the masks/respirator ventilation passage


  • Mask with Exhalation Valve
  • Mask without Exhalation Valve

Type 3: Based on the masks/respirator coverage area


  • Full face mask
  • Half face mask

N type masks: By the end-use/application, the report covers the following sections:



  • Individuals
  • Industrial sector
  • Health Care sector

Key Players of N type masks/respirators

  • 3M
  • Honeywell
  • Kimberly-clark
  • Cardinal Health
  • KOWA
  • Ansell
  • Shanghai Dasheng
  • Vogmask
  • DACH
  • CM
  • Hakugen
  • Sinotextiles
  • Te Yin
  • Gerson

This report covers the materials used for the manufacturing of these masks/respirators parts like their straps, staples, nose clip, nose foam, filter, shell and cover web. These parts are an essential part of any mask/respirator as they provide comfort and easiness to the user in breathing and provide ease in doing their work.

This report also includes the applicability of N type masks/respirators for Particulate matter, Bacteria, Virus, Spores, Allergens, Others. With tables and figures helping analyze the commercial landscape of N type masks/respirators, this research provides key statistics on the type, material, applicability and end-use.

In addition, this report discusses the key players, certifications, R&D activities and recent activities related to the merger, acquisition, collaboration and licensing.

Why should you buy this report?

  • To know the different types of N type masks/respirators available in the market based on efficiency, area of coverage and ventilation passage.
  • To know the material of N type masks/respirators for filter, straps, staples, nose clips, nose foam, shell and cover web.
  • Rexognizing tthe end uses/applications of N type masks/respirators
  • Applicability of N type masks/respirators for particulate matter, bacteria, virus, spores, allergens and others.
  • Necessary certifications required for N type masks/respirators
  • Key players and what are their products types, material, applicability and end use
  • Identify industrial activity related to the acquisition, merger, collaborations, licensing and R&D

1. Executive summary

2. Scope & Objective

3. Research Methodology

4. Context

4.1 Today’s consumer and its demands/ needs

4.2 Need and benefits of respirators in daily life

4.3 Corona out-burst

5. Introduction

5.1 Disposable Masks and Respirators

5.2 Potential risk factors without masks and respirators

5.3 Area of Application

6. Respirator mask types

6.1 Based on the respirator efficiency

6.1.1 N95

6.1.2 N99

6.1.3 N100

6.2 Based on ventilation in respirator

6.2.1 With exhalation valve

6.2.2 Without exhalation valve

6.3 Based on area protected by respirator

6.3.1 Full face mask

6.3.2 Half face mask

7. Application of respirators

7.1 Individual

7.2 Industrial

7.3 Health & care

7.4 House hold

8. Filter type

8.1 Woven

8.2 Non-woven

9. Filter Material

9.1 Polypropylene

9.2 Polystyrene

9.3 Carbon fiber

9.4 Wool felt

9.5 Fiberglass paper

9.6 Others

10. Materials for respirator accessories

10.1 Straps

10.2 Staples

10.3 Nose Clip

10.4 Nose Foam

10.5 Shell

10.6 Cover web

11. Product features

11.1 Shelf Life of Masks or Respirators

11.2 Applicability

11.2.1 Particulate matter

11.2.2 Bacteria

11.2.3 Virus

11.2.4 Spores

11.2.5 Allergens

11.2.6 Others

12. Necessary Certificates

12.1 OSHAl

12.2 FDA

12.3 NIOSH

12.4 Others

13. Key players

13.1 3M

13.2 Honeywell

13.3 Kimberly-Clark

13.4 Cardinal Health

13.5 KOWA

13.6 Ansell

13.7 Shanghai Dasheng

13.8 Vogmask

13.9 DACH

13.10 CMHakugen

13.11 Sinotextiles

13.12 Te Yin

13.13 Gerson

14. Recent activity snapshot

14.1 Acquisition/Merger/Collaborations/Licensing

14.2 R&D/ technical

14.3 Others

15. Appendix

16. IEBS recommendations

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