Technology Trend High Performance Fluoropolymers

Published Date: July, 2018 || Pages: 140
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Fluorocarbon compounds containing polymer with additional characteristics such as high mechanical strength, low coefficient of friction, excellent electrical insulation, resistance against the chemical environment and elevated temperature is commonly referred high-performance fluoropolymers.

According to numerous the study conducted by Ingenious e-Brain; the market growth of high-performance fluoropolymer is rapidly increasing with the market estimated to grow from USD X.XX Billion in 201X to USD XX Billion by 202X, at a CAGR of XX% because of its growing demand in the end-use industrial application.


Polyvinyl tetrafluoro ethylene is likely to be more demanding in terms of value and volume owing to its vast applications area along with excellent properties such as chemical resistance, and low cost as compared to other fluoropolymers. It is most extensively used polymer for a dental filling, cookware, nonstick pans, waterproof clothing, etc.

Fluorinated ethylene propylene is the clearest plastic among high-performance fluoropolymers and provides stress cracking resistance, as well as anti-corrosion property to tubes, sheets, and liners.

The largest market for high-performance fluoropolymers is currently owned by North America owing to its increasing economic advancement and huge demand from a wide range of industries such as electrical and electronics, chemical, and automobiles. Asia Pacific is also likely to emerge as the most significant market for high-performance fluoropolymers in the forecasted period 2024.

Application-based Segments


A high fluoropolymer coating can be applied to all the manufactured metal parts by electrostatic powder and can be used to attach large sheets with epoxy to line the interiors of large metal and non-metal containers. It is also the commonly used for non-stick coating on pans and other cookware applications.

High-performance fluoropolymer-based coatings are formulated for optimum impact strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and quality assurance. Exclusively used on exterior applications, especially in the ultra-high durable architectural market on commercial, residential, monumental buildings, curtain wall, skyscrapers, hospitals, malls etc.

Mechanical Parts and Components

This high-performance fluorinated elastomer, fluoroplastics, and compounds are used in a wide variety of industries to enhance performance and productivity and to expand freedom of design.

Fluoropolymers keep valuable equipment up and running, even in aggressive chemical environments and high temperature and weathering resistance such as those found in semiconductor etching or inside a hot-running engine, pharmaceutical manufacturing or the oil and gas industry. 

High-Performance Fluoropolymers Product Developments 

IFS COATINGS High-Performance Fluoropolymers (IFS 500FP) are almost exclusively used on exterior applications, especially in the ultra-high durable architectural market on commercial, residential, monumental buildings, curtain wall, skyscrapers, hospitals, malls etc.

DUPONT™ Tefzel ® fluoropolymer 210 is a special purpose resin available in translucent and has a higher flow rate and a lower maximum service temperature. For application in electrical components, such as sleeving, coil; labware, such as tubing, valves; battery or instrument components that require chemical inertness; and mechanical parts.

Saint-Gobain’s Chemfilm® Extruded high-performance Fluoropolymer Films provides better reliability than metals and less expensive plastic from environmental extremes such as chemical exposure, high temperatures long-term outdoor aging performance.

High-Performance Fluoropolymers: Recent Advancement Technologies

The standard approaches for preparing these materials had limitation; it required a long reaction time and produces a large amount of salt as a byproduct, which must then be removed before processing into coatings or other devices so developing a more streamlined approach to preparing new fluoropolymers. Therefore, IBM Research’s researchers are working to develop the next-generation of highly fluorous polymers materials for use in high-performance applications in coatings for medical devices, which are often prone to colonization by bacteria that can be transmitted to patients.

Highly fluorous polymers materials can also serve as a protective layer or film for the medical instrument or implant by preventing the adhesion of bacteria to the surface, helping preserve patient health.

  1. Technology Overview

1.1. Introduction

1.2. Objective & Scope

1.3. Research Methodology

  1. High-Performance Fluoropolymers application-based segments

                   2.1. Coatings

                   2.2. Mechanical Parts & Component

                   2.3. Film

                   2.4. Additives

  1. High Performance Fluoropolymers:

          3.1. Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene  

                   3.1.1. FEP Advantage/Properties

                   3.1.2. FEP Application Area        

          3.2. Perfluoroalkoxy Polymer

               3.2.1. PFA Advantage/Properties

                   3.2.2. PFA Application Area        

          3.3. Polytetrafluoroethylene

                   3.3.1. PTFE Advantage/Properties

                   3.3.2. PTFE Application Area        

          3.4. Polyethylenetetrafluoroethylene

                   3.4.1. ETFE Advantage/Properties

                   3.4.2. ETFE Application Area

  1. High Performance Fluoropolymers: IP Trends

          4.1. Geographic Activity

                   4.1.1. United States

                    Top players in United States

                     Important IPs in United States

                    4.1.2. Europe

                     Top players in Europe

                     Important IPs in Europe

                    4.1.3. Asia

                     Top players in Asia

                     Important IPs in Asia

          4.2. Technology Breakdown- Distribution of High Performance Fluoropolymers

                   4.2.1. IP in high performance material characteristics/ properties

                   4.2.2. IP in end use industries of High Performance Fluoropolymers

                   4.2.3. IP in Key Raw Material for High Performance Fluoropolymers production

          4.3. Collaborations / Acquisitions / Licensing Activity of top ten players in Sugar reduction technology

                   4.3.1. Collaboration between companies

                    4.3.2. Collaboration between company and universities

                    4.3.3. Licensing activity among universities, companies and individuals

                    4.3.4. Acquisition in the Sugar reduction technology domain

          4.4. Sugar reduction Technology based comparison between top players

  1. High Performance Fluoropolymers: Recent Advancement Technologies

          5.1. New technique to manufacture High Performance Fluoropolymers

          5.2. Advance form of High Performance Fluoropolymers for medicinal application.

          5.3. High performance fluoropolymer resins for long life coating.

          5.4. PTFE’s high chemical resistance for food processing industries.

  1. Recent activities in High Performance Fluoropolymers

          6.1 Contract / funding information

          6.1.1. Contract / funding objective

          6.1.2. Contract / funding receiving company information

6.2. Partnership / Collaboration / Licensing

          6.2.1.   Partnership / Collaboration / Licensing objective

          6.2.2.   Information of associated companies

6.3. New emerging technologies

          6.3.1.   Information of associated company

          6.3.2.   Information of associated inventors

6.4. Undergoing research activities

          6.4.1.   Information of associated company

          6.4.2.   Information of associated inventors

  1. High Performance Fluoropolymers – Opinions from Experts
  2. High Performance Fluoropolymers – Collaboration Insights
  3. Strategies of Companies working in High Performance Fluoropolymers
  4. Recent High-Performance Fluoropolymers Product Developments

          10.1. Product overview

          10.2. Company information

  1. Global Trends High Performance Fluoropolymers Market

          11.1. North America

          11.2. Latin America

          11.3. Europe

          11.4. Asia-Pacific

  1. High Performance Fluoropolymers: Top Industrial Players

          12.1. SOLVAY

          12.2. 3M

          12.3. DUPONT


          12.5. THE CHEMOURS COMPANY

          12.6. DAIKIN INDUSTRIES

          12.7. AGCCE




  1. High Performance Fluoropolymers – Market Determinants
  2. High Performance Fluoropolymers -Opportunity Vs. Restraints
  3. High Performance Fluoropolymers: Strategic Analysis SWOT & PEST
  4. High Performance Fluoropolymers Development (2015-2020)
  5. Conclusion

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