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Food Packaging Technology and Market Trends – 2018

The requirements towards packaging is growing owing to the growing consumer interest in consumption of fresh products with extended shelf life, controlled quality and packaging material sustainability.

Published Date: January, 2019 || Pages: 12 || Price: $500

Food Packaging Technologies, Innovations and Market Trend Analysis

Global food production is expected to grow (around 35% by 2030) to feed the rising population of the world, and so is the food packaging industry. This puts immense pressure on R&D domain globally, to innovate continuously and meet the rising demands of dynamic nature of the market without putting the environment at risk.

Published Date: May, 2018 || Pages: 130 || Price: $3,500

Sugar Reduction in Food Products: Technology Insights & Global Industry Analysis

Sugar not only add taste to the food materials but also contribute uniquely to its appearance, texture, and shelf-life. It may act as bulking agent, as a preservative, as the flavor enhancer, impart color and add viscosity. Recent studies have shown that children with the highest intakes of sugar-sweetened drinks are more likely to be overweight or obese than children with a low intake of sugar-sweetened drinks.

Published Date: May, 2018 || Pages: 115 || Price: $4,000