Food Packaging Technology and Market Trends – 2018

Published Date: January, 2019 || Pages: 12
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The requirements towards packaging is growing owing to the growing consumer interest in consumption of fresh products with extended shelf life, controlled quality and packaging material sustainability. In 2018, there were substantial developments in food packaging domain in the areas of polymer used for the packaging, intelligent systems, consumer interests and the geographical factors driving the R & D and future market. For instance, though the R&D for fossil-based polymer for packaging is leading, use of bio-based polymers such as PLA and cellulose have significantly increased. In addition, focus on improving properties like barrier, antimicrobial property, edible etc. were the key areas of focus in 2018.

In 2018, the market also observed significant changes due to the development and commercialization of disruptive products like paper bottles and LiquiGlide. Additionally, a significant shift towards transparent and flexible packaging products was also witnessed during the same period. The report also talks about innovative products from companies including Sealed Air Corp, Insignia Technologies, Amcor, MagicAdd and Just Water among various others.

Our report “Food Packaging Report 2018” is the reflection of technology and market developments and trends that happened in 2018.

1. Overview

2. Technology Trends
2.1. R&D activities
2.2. Key industrial players
2.3. Key Academics Institutes/Universities

3. Market Trends
3.1. Rising concerns of consumers regarding food safety
3.2. Active, and Intelligent Packaging
3.3. IoT will drive the Smart Food Packaging
3.4. Paper bottles
3.5. Transparent Food Packaging

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