Technology & Innovation Report: Global Salt Reduction Technology

Published Date: March, 2019 || Pages: 130
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The salt reduction technology market is expected to grow rapidly in the upcoming years. Global sodium reduction technology is segmented based on application, type, and region. Types of salt reduction ingredients include yeast extracts, mineral salts, amino acids and others. Among those salt reduction ingredients, mineral salts segments hold the largest market share and yeast extract have been growing substantially in the food industry. United States have dominated the salt reduction technology market, whereas opportunities and challenges of other geographic regions have discussed in the report elaborately.

The US holds the largest market share, followed by Europe with major application area including sauces, meat products, snacks, beverages, breakfast cereals, bakery and confectionery, Baby food and dairy products. It is estimated that bakery and confectionery segment is the fastest growing segment in the upcoming years.
Majority of patents in Salt Reduction Technology are distributed worldwide with the highest number of patents published in China. Other major jurisdictions include US, Europe, and Japan.

Key Report Coverage:

  • Technology trend and Recent developments in Salt reduction technology
  • Report studies the analysis and multidimensional technical categorization viz. research publications, conferences, patents, products, news etc.
  • Salt Reduction Technology forecast & core technology visualizations, prosecution visualization, statistical analytics, citation & classification analysis etc.
  • Comprehensive list of assignees (companies & research institute), new entrants, cross-domain companies & prolific inventors in Salt Reduction Technology
  • Salt Reduction Technology: Strategic Analysis SWOT & PEST
  • Salt alternatives market segmentation by region, application, end user & product.
  • Industry movement, partnerships, agreements, collaborations, expansions, acquisitions, and product & service launches in the market
  • Profiles of prominent companies along with their market share & product portfolio

1. Technology Overview
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Objective & Scope
1.3. Summary

2. Salt Reduction Segmentation based on Application
2.1. Food
2.2. Beverages
2.3. Bakery
2.4. Dairy
2.5. Sauces
2.5. Snacks
2.5. Baby Foods

3. Global Salt Reduction Technologies: Salt Alternatives
3.1. Naturally Derived Salt
3.1.1. Murray River Salt, Australia
3.1.2. Cyprus Flake Sea Salt
3.1.3. Black Lava Salt, Cyprus
3.1.4. Guerande Coarse Salt, France
3.1.5. Camargue Salt, France
3.1.6. Kala Namak Salt, India
3.1.7. Riserva Camillone Salt, Italy
3.1.8. New Zealand Organic Sea Salt
3.1.9. Trapani Sea Salt, Italy
3.1.10. Aguni no Shio Salt, Japan
3.1.11. Flor de Sal, Mexico
3.1.12. Himalayan Pink Salt, Pakistan
3.1.13. Epsom Salt, England
3.1.14. Pink Maras Salt, Peru
3.1.15. Antarctic Pure Sea Salt, South Africa
3.1.16. Halen Mon Organic Sea Salt, United Kingdom
3.1.17. Alaska Pure Salt Flakes, Alaska, USA
3.2. Artificial Salt
3.2.1. Morton Salt
3.2.2. AlsoSalt
3.3.3. Potassium Chloride‐Based Salt Substitutes
3.3. Food Reformulation
3.3.1. Taste enhancer
3.3.2. Encapsulation
3.3.3. Other reformulation strategies

4. Salt Reduction Technology: An IP Overview
4.1. Geographic Activity
4.1.1. United States Top players in United States Important IPs in United States
4.1.2. Europe Top players in Europe Important IPs in Europe
4.1.3. Asia Top players in Asia Important IPs in Asia
4.2. Technology Breakdown- Distribution of Salt reduction technology
4.2.1. IP in Physical methods of Salt reduction
4.2.2. IP in Chemical methods of Salt reduction
4.2.3. IP in Other methods of Salt reduction
4.3. Collaborations / Acquisitions / Licensing Activity of top ten players in Salt reduction technology
4.3.1. Collaboration between companies
4.3.2. Collaboration between company and universities
4.3.3. Licensing activity among universities, companies and individuals
4.3.4. Acquisition in the Salt reduction technology domain
4.4. Salt reduction Technology based comparison between top players

5. Global Salt Reduction Technologies: Recent Advancement
5.1. Use of naturally brewed Soy Sauce for salt reduction
5.2. Milk salt, ValioValsa contains less sodium
5.3. Low sodium meat products
5.4. Flavor promoters for use of less salt

6. Salt Reduction Technology White Space Analysis

7. Recent activities in Salt reduction technology
7.1 Contract / funding information
7.1.1. Contract / funding objective
7.1.2. Contract / funding receiving company information
7.2. Partnership / Collaboration / Licensing
7.2.1. Partnership / Collaboration / Licensing objective
7.2.2. Information of associated companies
7.3. New emerging technologies
7.3.1. Information of associated company
7.3.2. Information of associated inventors
7.4. Undergoing research activities
7.4.1. Information of associated company
7.4.2. Information of associated inventors

8. Salt reduction Technology Opinions from Experts

9. Salt reduction Technology Collaboration Insights

10. Strategies of Companies working in Salt reduction

11. Recent Salt Reduction Product Developments
11.1. Salt Reduction Ingredients Segment by Product Category
11.1.1. Yeast Extracts as salt substitute
11.1.2. Glutamate as sodium reduction tool in foodstuff
11.1.3. High Nucleotide Ingredients
11.1.4. Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
11.1.5. Mineral Salts
11.2. Company Information

12. Global Salt Reduction: Top Industrial Players
12.1. Cargill, Incorporated
12.2. Koninklijke DSM N.V.
12.3. Dupont
12.4. Advanced Food Systems, Inc.
12.5. Sensient Technologies Corporation
12.6. Associated British Foods PLC
12.7. Kerry Group
12.8. Savoury Systems International, Inc.
12.9. Angel Yeast Co. Ltd.
12.10. Smart Salt Inc./span>
12.11 Archers Daniels Midland Company
12.12 Tate & Lyle PLC
12.13 Jugbunzlauer Suisse A.G.
12.14 Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
12.15 Givaudan SA
12.16 Innophos Holdings, Inc. SA
12.17 Fufeng Group Ltd. SA

13. Salt Reduction- Market Determinants

14. Salt Reduction -Opportunity Vs. Restraints

15. Salt Reduction: Strategic Analysis SWOT & PEST

16. Salt Reduction Market Development (2015-2022)

17. Conclusion

18. Appendix
18.1. Methodology
18.2. Abbreviations
18.3. List of tables
18.4. List of figures

Note: Company Profiles on only 10 players will be provided.

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