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Access our IP, Technology and Market Intelligence report store to identify the technology and market trends that can uplift the future growth and foresee the competitive environment of your business. Encompassing all information on patents, market, product, company financials, market statistics, innovations and technology; our in-depth reports identify and analyze the changes in the business environment and helps to improve decision making for the survival of business in short, medium and long run.

Wood based crisp bags for snacks packaging - Ingenious e-Brain Wood Based Crisp Bags for Snacks Packaging - The study is carried out to identify all the proven and possible solutions of crisp packaging derived from wood, pulp or cellulose (and its derivatives). All the available and under commercialized product of this category have been tabulated in the report with their specific properties related to moisture barrier and gas barrier as well. The… Continue Reading
Algae based biodegradable single serve pack solutions - Ingenious e-Brain Algae Based Biodegradable Single Serve Pack Solutions - Different types of edible packaging materials that have been produced by algae and their end application industries have been discussed in this report. The major area wherein such edible packaging materials required is the food industry where these materials are much needed as single serve packaging in fast food section, restraints and home delivery section. Continue Reading
Market & Technology Intelligence Study on Reduction of Virgin Plastic Consumption in Flexible Packaging Market & Technology Intelligence Study on Reduction of Virgin Plastic Consumption in Flexible Packaging - Due to the increase in awareness of the adverse effects of environmental pollution, most of the industries are adopting sustainable packaging. Read the report and know various approaches followed by key packaging companies to reduce plastic use in their packaging materials. Additionally, the top players engaged in adopting alternative packaging material in the market. Continue Reading