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It is crucial to address customers’ unmet needs to have the upper hand in the market in today’s competitive world. We provide a customer insights platform with a team of market researchers and statistical data analysts to map customer insights with our clients’ operational strengths. We obtain the data from various surveys and interviews to glean actionable insights. Trends in customer behaviour are analysed in detail to provide non-obvious insights. Our customer insights service’s methods encompass specific focus groups and ethnography to gain insights into target markets to gain a competitive advantage over its rivals.

Purpose of Conducting Customer Insights & Surveys

  • Discovering customer changing requirements and drivers of buying behaviors.
  • Building customer divisions to target marketing and sales.
  • Recognizing Brand perceptions.
  • Communicating the insights via data visualization and dashboards.
  • Delivering customer experiences that retain and motivate customers.

Why Ingenious for Customer Insights & Surveys?

  • We have good experience working in primary research using our In-house team of experts and external consultants.
  • We conduct external communication to gather information on consumer insights, technical perspectives, and local markets.
  • We have access to multiple community groups, SMEs, individual consultants, and local market experts.
  • We provide a customized approach to primary research based on the client’s specific objective.
  • We get all the primary research stages validated by our clients before making any investments, such as sample size, cluster structure, questionnaire, profiles of respondents, etc.
  • We generate and work on developed in-house analytical frameworks and platforms to create meaningful insights out of transcripts and survey data.
  • We hold a dedicated team of experts working in the primary research field so that we can work on any sample size structure and geography.
  • We have language experts and local partners across different non-English speaking countries to execute our research effectively.
  • We ensure a high level of privacy and security for the clients while talking to external parties on their behalf.
  • Our triangulation process validates the underlying trends across different markets with the procured knowledge from secondary information.

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