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To emerge in any market, it is quintessential for companies to understand the length and breadth of the entire ecosystem in understanding the supply chain and value chain. The principal activities and critical contributors are captured in ecosystem analysis. This diverse ecosystem comprises suppliers, customers, distributors, competitors, collaborators, and so on. Each business in the ecosystem is uniquely positioned and interacts with other players through a continually evolving relationship.

Purpose of Ecosystem Analysis

  • Understanding the different business in the ecosystem
  • Identifying the critical contributors of any market across various stages of the value chain
  • Understanding all the factors which impact a business would help in identifying optimum channel strategy

Why Ingenious for Ecosystem Analysis?

  • Help companies mapping the key entities such as universities, manufacturers, integrators, distributors, technology partners, etc. across the flow of product development and distribution
  • Detailed analysis of convergence of businesses and technologies in the ecosystem

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