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In the age of digitalization, social media plays an essential role in the marketing of the products or services. This implies that social media platforms are storehouses of data that can be used to analyse and evaluate market trends and customer sentiments. Ingenious e-Brain analyses this data and supports its customers by providing insights that help in increasing revenues, reducing customer service costs, getting feedback on products and services, and improving public opinion of a product or business division.

At Ingenious E-Brain, social media intelligence team combines its expertise in social media analysis with insights and data derived from market research to produce broad market awareness. Our social experts hold industry expertise and serve insight social media solutions which allow companies to gain deep consumer insights. Social media analytics intelligence offers insights into market perception, which can be used to devise efficient strategies for offline and online campaigns.

Purpose of Social Media Analytics

  • Forecast and analyse the market of global social media analytics
  • Classify, define and forecast comprehensive social media analytics as per company size, industry, deployment and regional distribution
  • Scrutinize elaborated market forecast and segmentation of the market size
  • To monitor and evaluate competitive developments like joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, new product development
  • To deliver planned profiling of the key players in the market
  • Offer factors and insights affecting the market growth

Why Ingenious for Social Media Analytics?

  • Provide insights which help your business improve social strategy
  • Detailed understanding of industry trends and customer preference
  • Access to real-time market reactions
  • Impactful cultivation
  • Improve customer social engagement

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