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Supplier Partner Identification is the first step to a robust procurement cycle. We understand that identifying potential suppliers and partners who provide a specific service or product is a time-consuming task. As our clients venture towards new and developing markets overseas, we offer our expertise in locating and evaluating potential suppliers and partners objectively, in terms of their IP, technology, pricing and quality certifications. Our clients trust us to understand critical qualifying criteria for vetting of potential suppliers and providing a list of ‘best fit’ recommendations based on the requirements of the client.

Purpose of Supplier & Partner Identification Search

  • To procure a new service or product for a specific category
  • Analyse spend data and consumer spending trends
  • Ascertain pricing strategies, production levels, and counter competitive actions
  • Mitigate the potential financial risks
  • Recognize supply partners who are the right strategic fit

Why Ingenious for Supplier & Partner Identification Search?

  • Recognize the key suppliers
  • Get data about your competitors’ geographical distribution and manufacturing allocations
  • Recognize key suppliers of hard to find services and products
  • Provide insights to support geographic expansion decision
  • Deliver related market condition and trending reports to motivate informed vendor negotiations

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