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Ingenious e-Brain possesses world-class experience in providing 360 degrees of business solutions to every technical firm. We understand the risks associated with investment firms providing funding opportunities against mortgaged patents. Our team provides the clients with solutions for each problem by performing an early-stage diligence study. We understand unquantifiable assets like patents play a significant role in determining the business value, the future market potential of the invention, and determining where the assignee stands amongst their competitors.

Purpose of Early Stage Diligence

Investment firms must understand the value of the patent and determine the future market potential of the technology. Here patent protection plays a significant role as a critical success factor for growth and to achieve a competitive edge. Therefore, we provide early diligence services to determine or evaluate the technology and assignee company based on their technology and future market potential.

Why Ingenious for Early Stage Diligence?

We provide business intelligence, technology intelligence, and IP intelligence services to a broad range of sectors. Combining all the three services, we help our clients to get valuable insights on technical aspects of the patented innovation. Including its stand in the market, the market share that it holds, market penetration expected in coming years, and the innovation’s technical competitors.

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