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Ingenious’ patent licensing service ensures that your IP is protected from being infringed upon by companies in core and non-core market areas and allows you to license and monetize your IP. We at Ingenious help our clients by conducting detailed searches to identify any products that may infringe on their patents. The product search includes preparing a list of players in the core and non-core market areas relevant to the patents and the companies infringing on the patents.
At Ingenious, we prepare Evidence Of Use (EoU) / Claim charts to provide a detailed mapping of every element of the patent claim(s) with the infringing (accused) product or a standard. EoU charts help lawyers, attorneys, and counsels in determining the infringement of the patent. Clients use EoUs for showing infringement by a product/standard and include evidence based on which the target product/standard is accused. An EoU chart represents evidence for each claim element in a graphical or tabular form. We prepare Rule 11 EoU charts for our clients showing the overlap of patent claims with evidence from product documentation. Detailed product evidence is included in the EoU chart for each claim limitation individually.

Why Ingenious for Patent Infringement Services?

  • For patent portfolio management and optimization and patent pruning
  • For revenue generation opportunities with new players in the market
  • For competitive analysis and monitoring infringement by competitors
  • For identifying Standard Essential patents (SEP)
  • For pre-litigation research and in patent transaction opportunities
Why ingenious e-brain for patent infringement services

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Standard Patent Analysis (SEP)

We have extensive experience working on 3GPP Standard specifications and have been helping telecom companies ascertain the Standard essentiality of the patents. We have performed Standard Essentiality analysis for more than 500 patents and increased our clients’ patent portfolio value. Our SEP analysis has allowed our clients to go into FRAND licensing to generate revenue from patents. We analyze 3GPP specifications and show the overlap with the target claims.
In addition to 3GPP, we have experience working in IEEE 802, Autosar, Audio/Video Codec standards.

Standard Patent Analysis - Infringement Patent Analysis

How We Locate Relevant Product/Services

Search Based on Potential Infringer List of Products:

Based on subject patents, the expert prepares a list of potential infringer/infringing products based on bibliography data, potential competitors & potential products based on an open search across similar products/technology infringers.

Product Document / Datasheets / Manual Based Search:

The features of claims are searched on infringer websites. Google search, Google image search, consortium, if any, etc.

Video-Based Search:

An open search is performed on YouTube and another potential infringer website to locate the evidence.

Product Tear Down:

Sometimes, claim features require teardown documents, such as semiconductor/circuit-based claims. If teardown is freely available, we use these teardowns else, based on client approval, and teardown documents are purchased to locate the evidence.

Image Search:

Sometimes, Google image searches are preferred to locate the evidence for a design search.

Input /Output Testing:

In some cases, product testing is required, and we have a lab set-up for product testing, mainly on the software side and marginally on the hardware side.

Source Code Review:

Source code review is another method to locate the evidence, and we do source code review wherever possible.

Packet Sniffing:

Sometimes, evidence can’t be retrieved, such as the type of server used in streaming videos; in such cases, we snip the packet over the network for a particular application to use the evidence in the claim chart.

 Product Sales Office:

At times, we are sure a particular product is infringing, but due to lack of evidence, we cannot prove the infringement. In such cases, we contact product infringing companies and try to pull out evidence but collect product manuals from the sales office.

Other Patent Infringement Services

HML Analysis Report

We rank the patent as “High”, “Medium” and “Low” based on analysis to rank patents and give a snapshot of the portfolio analysis.

Potential EoU Report

A detailed analysis report showing overlap between a target claim and a product. A completely mapped product can be used for preparing an EoU.

Patent + Market Research

Combine patent analysis with market and financial analysis such as revenue of the product, litigation trends of the market, and royalty rates.

Product Listing

We list products of a company or related to a technology along with key features which can be used for mining patents and matching patents and products.

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