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Infringement is essential to understand the claim scope of the subject patent. We provide infringement searches which recognize products, technology standards or specifications that potentially infringes your patent. Our process involves a complete analysis of the product description, which includes analysis of manuals, manufacturing sheets, white papers and other product documents.

Purpose of Infringement Analysis

Infringement analysis is done to identify potential infringers of a patent. The potential infringer should have a commercially available product after the priority date of the patent. Identification of potential infringers could be executed through videos, publicly available documents. Official website of the products.

Why Ingenious for Infringement Analysis?

The team at Ingenious is experienced in providing infringement analysis services to top fortune 500 companies. The companies have trusted the team with their plans to engage in license engagements with key players of the market and the team has helped the clients through infringement analyses.

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