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Ingenious possesses extensive experience in working with innovation-based companies and law firms. It performs the evaluation and execution of strategic IP opportunities. Developing and executing IP monetization support services are the key solutions we provide. We serve monetization support by performing an infringement search, followed by claim mapping. Following this, we assess all the potential partners for IP licensing, acquiring, litigation, and other monetization services.

Purpose of Patent Monetization Support

We understand that patent monetization is a promising way for many companies to generate huge revenues with their IP portfolio. We provide a consolidated list of companies and industries that will not cause business competition to the client company. We provide company profiling of each potential partner, helping the client get clients’ financial information before proceeding with a partnership.

Why Ingenious for Patent Monetization Support?

Ingenious provides such services to many companies. And along with hands-on experience, our team consists of technology experts from different domains. These skills are a prime requisite for analyzing patents with proper in-depth knowledge. Patent monetization involves consistent patent licensing investments, IP valuation, building an intellectual property program, and patent litigation. This approach’s problem is that it won’t generate the returns expected for specific technologies or innovations. Thus, we provide a strategy around specific intellectual property assets to ensure that our clients generate the maximum revenue from their IP assets.

Apart from monetization support, our team also focuses on a qualitative assessment approach which covers: –

  • Checking potential infringements and preparing an EOU chart
  • Identification of potential partners
  • Preparation of monetization support documents for potential partners
  • Analysing who may be interested in being the partner, along with their confirmations

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