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Portfolio analysis is conducted to analyse the relevant strength of all patents and patent application owned by a specific company. Our effective portfolio analysis assists in identifying the value in a patent portfolio which over the time can be “lost” in the complexity of the more comprehensive portfolio and also spot underperforming non-aligned assets which are maintained unnecessarily—thereby helping you to strategy your R&D and IP investment.

Purpose of Portfolio Analysis

  • Examine your IP portfolio and check best product categories
  • Evaluate product categories and recognize best-fit licensees and products
  • Check existing markets for comparable products selling in the recognized product categories
  • Regulate the size of the market for known products and check demographic spending patterns
  • Recognize retail channels best suited for licensed products
  • Understanding innovative strategies and global patenting
  • Affiliating your R&D investment with innovation activity

Why Ingenious for Portfolio Analysis?

  • Recognizing the niche technology industry or business units of client’s requirements and doing insightful background study
  • Framing several patent and non-patent strategies
  • Performing an exhaustive search in several databases to verify related documents
  • Elaborated analysis of every identified related document as on approved technology

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