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Portfolio analysis is a quantitative approach used for technology identification and evaluation within an organization. A firm can thoroughly assess the relevant strength of all its patents and filed applications through this approach.

Ingenious e-Brain provides you with all-encompassing information about your IP portfolio. IEBS experts not only help you recognize your portfolio’s real value but also emphasize its complexity. By thorough investigation, we recognize all the underperforming patents in your portfolio, which superfluously add up the maintenance cost to the business.

Why is Portfolio Analysis Imperative?

  • To determine the leading product categories throughout the portfolio
  • To recognize best-fit licensees and products by evaluating product categories
  • To review the prevailing markets where similar products are commercialized.
  • To regulate market capitalization for specific products and thoroughly analyze demographic spending trends.
  • To strategize your investments in R&D associated with innovation.
  • To comprehend novel strategies and global patenting.

Why Ingenious for Portfolio Analysis?

  • We elucidate patent strategies to secure your invention.
  • We carry out an extensive search in several databases to validate related documents.
  • We prudently recognize niche technology patents for our clients by conducting insightful background studies.
  • We perform a detailed assessment of all the identified documents related to the technology patent.

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